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[Sekaimo v1] Maria :: She is the Law - /002.

At 8200 words, this subchapter is two times longer than the previous one! The staff at Imoutolicious LNT worked hard in bringing you this new release, so please thank them. They went the extra mile and included translators' notes for the allusions and Korean memes.

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Translators: Kurosmith & Kalkin
Proofreaders: Kalkin + imoutolicious
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Please enjoy. Ah, and it's kind of NSFW near the end.

On the 9th of last month, Commander Blackhazel  of the international private military company Bandersnatch arrived at the Incheon International Airport to discuss the substitute troop deployment for the temporary absence of military force, caused by the relocation of an American base south of Weonnam-seon at Pyeongyang. In that morning, Commander Blackhazel had a meeting with the Minister of National Defense Kim and leading members of the military at the Blue House[1], and…

Once again, I’m at the Blackhazel Mansion located on the outskirts of Brașov, Romania. Or more specifically, I’m at my all-too-awkward room inside the mansion.

Part way through copy-pasting the article on the computer, I click the back button. As I look, the content displayed on the monitor is none other than a search results page on a portal site about Maria’s background. Excluding rumors and conspiracy theories, here are some of the impressive quotes that I’ve picked out.

Completing the doctoral program in an American military university at the age of 11, she received  the Best PhD Thesis Award for her “Militaristic Reconstruction and Comparative Analysis of Stalin’s National Strategy”.

Right after her graduation,  she was appointed as a staff officer in the international private military company Bandersnatch. During the Revolution of Kuwait and Middle East Rebellions, where they were at a major disadvantage, she led the allied forces to victory from the front line to—(omitted)

A genocidal war criminal in angel’s clothing. Persephone[2] on earth.

The second coming of 21st century Clausewitz[3]. The greatest military tactics expert of the century.

I intently read the backgrounds of the girl inside the screen.

Her name is Maria Lunalady Blackhazel.

Also known as the Princess of Pure Darkness, she’s a perfect lady with both intelligence and beauty. A flower in a painting.


“Ahhh, Onii-sama… I love you, Onii-samaaa…♡”

Behaving like a spoiled child, this defenseless and clumsy girl—who’s clinging on to me with both of her arms around my shoulder—is definitely the same person.

They’re the same, all right.

There’s no way that two people with such monstrous careers can exist in the same world, and I really don’t want to imagine a parallel universe where those two could exist.

I’ve heard that human psyche shuts off information processing when it’s exposed to extreme situation beyond processing…

Because I can’t really feel the Princess of Pure Darkness repetitively rubbing her cheeks against me in a display of fierce physical affection.

Am I… shaking right now?[4]
Surely there must’ve been a serious error in the story’s development.

Leaving aside the straightforward and nonsensical premise of being the Blackhazel’s hidden child, I really can’t understand the fact that I’m from the same blood as the Princess of Pure Darkness.

“Being able to smell Onii-sama’s scent up close like this, ahhh… I feel dizzy just by thinking about how happy I am!”

But just what exactly was the error?

Although I came here by my own free will, it was actually more like I had no choice in the matter. Anyway, in a private jet, I was shown a bunch of data to bring me up to speed. You could say that they were cold, hard facts. Aside from the exact biographical data registered at the government office, there were things from my RH- blood type, at what age I was left at which orphanage, whom I was adopted by, and the list goes on.

Even if I don’t exclude the possibility of fabrication, just what does the Princess of Pure Darkness have to gain by doing so?

There isn’t.

“No, let’s put that aside for now.”

“What is it, Onii-sama?”

“Could you let go of me a little? I’m having a difficult time breathing.”

“I don’t want to. Even for a second more, I want to feel Onii-sama’s body firmly in my arms.”

Shaking her head, she hugs me even tighter.  She’s more tenacious than a serpent constricting its prey. No, it’s worse than that.

“Onii-sama’s scent, breath, voice and down to your single last cell; I find them so endearing and loveable that I can't hold back any longer.”

Even a lovey-dovey couple in the heat of their burning passion would show more discretion than her.

“So I’ll never let go of you. No, I can’t let go of you.”

“Mm… I understand your feeling. But…”

Actually, I don’t understand it at all.

“It’s not like you can spend the whole day stuck to me like this, right?”

I’m not a glue stick, you know.

“Let’s see if I can.”

“Sorry, but I absolutely prefer that you don't!”

Giggling mischievously to those words, Maria pokes me in the side with her finger.


Before I can even react back to that sudden stab, she nibbles on my earlobe mischievously, and then whispers.

“My my, you are such a shy boy, Onii-sama…”

For goodness sake.

I have no intention of intruding into your personal delusion, but there are boundaries. And stop causing trouble to others around you!

‘…Saying that probably won’t work.’

Then it’s time for a change of tactic.

If my hard-line policy doesn’t work, then I’ll use a softer stance to make her let go of me no matter what.

“Say, Maria…”


With her arms still tightly wound around my shoulder, Maria looks up and slowly tilts her head at me like a puppy.

“It’s been quite a while since we ate. Aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m full just by breathing in the same air as Onii-sama.  Why, I’m so full that I feel like I’m pregnant with Onii-sama’s child!"

‘Your love really knows no boundaries.’

It’s enough to make my skin crawl.

“Well, you may not be hungry, but I am.”

“Ah-h?! Is that so? In that case…”

Good, now we’re going somewhere.

With a look of confusion on her face, it seems Maria is caught in a dilemma.

And Maria’s decision after that much consideration is:

“Here, please feel free to devour me


“What are you, Anpanman[5]?!”

“Relieving my Onii-sama’s lust, don’t you think that’s a basic duty for any excellent little sister?

Really, I don’t even want to understand what she just said metaphorically.

Then how should I take her words?

I do not want her to in any shape or form. There’s no way that I could want such a thing.

However, even if I don’t want to, what power does a mere citizen like me have in front of the Princess of Pure Darkness?

In the end, this is just a downscaled version of what you see in society. It’s a hierarchy structure where subordinates obey their superiors unconditionally.

Well, it’s like in the military: Shut the hell up and do as you’re told.



If I recall correctly, I said something about a hierarchy structure at that time.

Right now, I’m on top of Dorothy. Her white blouse is half-off and she’s on the verge of crying.

After binding Dorothy’s wrists with a pair of leather cuffs to subdue her opposition, I smile wickedly, licking my lips like a certain caretaker violating students at an all-girls music academy.[6]

She puts up a resistance, struggling helplessly with a pool of tears in her pretty, harelike eyes.

As she does, her curly honey-blonde twintails dance around, loose and disheveled.

“Fufu, you’re no longer my little sister!”

Shaking her head wildly, Dorothy cries out.

“I-I’m sorry, Onii-san! I won’t do it again… P-please, I beg of you! Forgive me!”

“There is no use asking for forgiveness now! You will pay dearly for looking down on your older brother, the one and only!”

“No, please, I beg of you!  I’m truly sorry!”

“A naughty child like you needs to be punished accordingly!”

“Please, anything but that… No! Please help me, Onee-sama!”

It’s unlikely that your desperate cry for help will reach Maria, who’s outside currently.

This is another superior-subordinate hierarchy structure established inside the mansion between me and Dorothy, so to speak.

Thus, ignoring Dorothy’s fainting cry, with her pure white breasts, I—


With a rhythmic sound effect, my consciousness rushes up from its sleep like a coiled spring.


I sit up on the sofa in an excruciating pain and look around my surroundings. This place is the living room used for reception inside the Blackhazel Mansion.

Then I notice I’ve been drooling in my sleep, along with Dorothy looking askance at me. Judging from how she’s in her school uniform and has a bag over her shoulder, it seems she just came back from school after her last class.

Wiping the drool with my sleeve, I assess the situation.

There’s only one conclusion that I can think of.

“Ah, it was a dream…”

While kicking my body around like she’s playing soccer, Dorothy spits out insults.

“Geez, what an eyesore! Do you know how disgusting you looked, sleeping like a hobo with a stupid smile on your face?!”

It was a nice dream too…

“Damn it! It was you, wasn’t it?!  You smacked the back of my head while I was having a good sleep!”

Dorothy snorts dismissively and raises me her middle finger in an audacious manner.

“Yeah, it was me. Got a problem with that? You stupid, idiotic Onii-san.”

“Nah, I got 99 problems.”

Sounding like she didn’t understand what I just said, Dorothy snaps back at me.

“What? I’m not good with slangs, so say it plainly.”

“I’m saying I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.” [7]





“Ah, okay… So, you got 99 problems but a bitch isn’t one. Then it’d be okay for me to hit you, right?”

“It’s a good thing that you catch on quick, my little sister.”

“Who do you think you’re playing with, you crazy idiot!”

Finally grasping the situation, Dorothy’s action is—as I thought—preparing for a straight punch. Hmm, this time I might have to attach “Hyper” at the front and “Finisher” at the end.

I swiftly lower my body and assume a guarding stance by lifting my arms. It’d be a lot better to be hit somewhere else than my face and save myself some dental fees.

“H-hold on a second!  Why don’t we talk this over like civilized people of the 21st century?”

“Just drop dead, you human trash!”

“W-what?! Drop dead?  Okay, understood! I’ll drop dead! So please put down that fist of yours!”

“Words are useless!”

Yes! There it is, ladies and gentlemen! An uppercut from the below, followed by a left hook! A clean finish by boxer Dorothy! Clearly, this isn’t her first time beating people up. What a terrifying sight we’re seeing here today!

“Understand this, alright? You say stuff like that next time, I’ll seriously kill you!”

Dorothy spits out in a cold voice, brushing off her hands.

“I-I understand…”

Lying on the ground like a corpse, I nod my head weakly.

Then, within a flash of lighting, the dream I just had crosses my mind.

The important thing is to get a pre-emptive strike! If I first get my authority back as an older brother, things will change for the better then.

All right.

Taking deep breaths slowly, I collect my composure.

Let’s see… What did I say in my dream again?

Ah yes, right. It went like this.

“Who the hell do you think I am? Bring it on! I’ll teach you a lesson not to mess with your older brother! One that you’ll never forget!”

“Oh really~?”

However, Dorothy overwhelms me with just her glare. This cruel reality is nothing like the dream I had!

Dorothy is glowering at me, with her eyes inviting me to a fight.

I flinch slightly, but it’s already too late to back off now.

“You’re no longer my little sister!”

I’ve been letting her hit me all along since she’s my little sister, but no more. Dorothy is a girl and I’m a healthy 18 year old boy. Girls are absolutely no match for boys in terms of physical strength.  Therefore, I can win this if I just pin her down with brute force.

In other words: Domestication flag route!

There’s a saying that it only takes a moment of courage for a man to turn into a wolf.


But now that I think about it, wolves are members of the canine family.

They’re basically dogs.


I’m probably not going to make it.

“Ah~ Is that so? Then why don’t I beat you into a fine dust and you can go buy yourself an electronic anklet!” [8]

I think this became a good opportunity for us to firmly establish the order of rank of the master-servant relationship, and who can give out ruthless beatings. I really do.


Let’s continue talking about Dorothy for a little bit more.

If you were to ask me why she’s furious like this because she can’t kick her only older brother out, not giving a damn about our brother-sister relationship, then I think I might know the reason why.

I had no intention to get on her bad side like that when I got here, of course.

That happened about a week ago.

The very day that I met Maria and suddenly became the Blackhazel’s eldest son.

I was heading towards Romania in Eastern Europe, far away from the northern hemisphere, on Maria’s private jet.

Of course, the decision of abandoning your home and going somewhere else overnight might be difficult to understand right away. But it wasn’t a problem for me. I was a half-blooded, working-class student living in a one room mansion[9] and changing rents every three months. Ever since I became independent from my foster parents on my own, I had no one to call as my legal guardian.

I have a pretty complicated past, if I do say so myself.

Anyhow, the place I arrived after all night was Otopeni International Airport, located northwest of Romania’s capital Bucharest. After we got off the private jet, we kept on traveling in the Lincoln Continental limousine that was standing just outside in advance.

The treatment I received throughout the course of getting to the mansion was something of an awe-inspiring level of privilege that an ordinary person like me could never dream of in their lifetime. Even now, it’s hard for me to express the feeling of becoming like a prince of a royal family.

So I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Who could have expected things to unfold this way?

The Blackhazel mansion situated at the northern foot of Carpathian Mountains[10] wasn’t an ancient Gothic castle like the one in Dracula. Rather, it was a sophisticated, postmodern present-age building harmonized with the essence of geometry.

As soon as I opened the car dooradmiring the sensuous beauty of the building’s architectural design—and stepped outside, that happened.

A mysterious shadow ran towards me from the front door and hugged me.

Judging from its soft and babylike skin, I could vaguely tell that the mysterious shadow that clung to me was a young girl.

I’m talking about the girl that’s busy intensely expressing her affection by rubbing her cheeks against mine.

So there was another person waiting for my return besides Maria.

Ahh, this development is straight out of a Japanese eroge.

Frankly, I was kind of baffled at first; however, I knew by intuition that my inflated expectation had already become a reality.

But the first words she blurted out all of a sudden were,

“Welcome back, Onee-sama! I, Dorothy, was eagerly waiting for my Onee-sama to return~

Haha, so you were eagerly waiting for me.

But wait…


Did she just say “Onee-sama”?

I probably misheard her. Yeah, I must have.

“Oh my, Dorothy! That’s quite a daring display of affection for your Onii-sama already!”


At Maria’s words, the girl named “Dorothy” finally regains her rationality and raises her head for the first time.

Ahh, and that expression.

The face of a pure, innocent girl in her first love was stricken with dismay and terror as our eyes met.

It would be sort of like finding out in the morning that the person you spent the wedding night was another man that you didn’t even know. There’s no way it could ever happen, but it seemed it was that shocking to her.

Well, okay. I’m fine. I’m fine with all that.

But you know what. Even so, how am I the one to blame?

You’re the one to blame.


Here’s an arrogant complaint that I can now make.

Rather than being a culture shock, the so-called privileged life of upper echelons doesn’t even seem to be all that special.

With the exception of Maria’s aggressive advances and Dorothy’s persistent harassments, the life in this mansion is monotonous. It’s so tedious that it feels like I’m being imprisoned here.

The daily life of idling away each day without any responsibilities like labour or studying.  At this rate, I’ll surely degenerate into a cancer of society that is no different than a NEET. Maybe I already have.

Well, for that reason

I hereby by declare this, here and now!

“Gaaaaah! I can’t take being a Blackhazel anymore!”

“Onee-sama! I think he’s finally gone insane!”

It’s probably my imagination that you seem quite happy at the fact that I sound insane.

Anyway, Dorothy’s sure-fire insults really are of the highest caliber in terms of bad attitude.
While Pushing Dorothy away, who’s pouncing on me like a baby tiger, I complain to Maria.

“Apart from stuffing down three meals a day into my mouth, all I do is fool around on the computer, locked up in my room! As if that wasn’t bad enough, you won’t even let me go sightseeing in this remote, mountainside! How am I supposed to live under such suffocating conditions?!”

Breathing heavily, I unload the chambered complaints on full-auto.

“Mmm. In regards to that matter, Onii-sama… It is painful for me, too”

Despite her words, Maria wipes her mouth with a napkin while maintaining her serene poker face.

“Then explain to me just why! My social life is one thing, but why would you keep me from going outside?!”

“T-that’s because…”

Strangely enough, at a loss for words, Maria dodges my question.

Eventually giving in to my quite temperamental demand, Maria opens her mouth hesitantly.

“To me, Onii-sama is the most precious person in the world.”

A momentary silence.

“But you’re telling me to neglect that Onii-sama to let him to play alone somewhere beyond the reach of my surveillance. In the event that I do such a thing, my heart will surely burst from anxiety and fear.”

“Pardon me?”


Setting down the black tea on the saucer, Maria adds placidly in a gentle voice.

“To be honest with you, I’m worried even now because I can’t take care of you with a leash around your neck.”

“Why don’t you just cut off all my limbs and look after me around the clock while you’re at it?!”

“My, that method doesn’t sound too…

Opening her eyes wide in response to my rather appealing “suggestion”, Maria poses herself in a contemplative manner.

Whoa, that’s really creeping me out. She’s seriously thinking about it.

“Stop joking around with me! You see, I need a straight answer from y—OOMPH?!”

“Don’t talk back to my dear Onee-sama!”

Before I can raise my voice, Dorothy’s missile drop-kick flies in from the sky at a terrifying speed.


The sound of my bones shattering along with the chair reverberates in an upbeat melody.

After barely getting up on my feet, I straighten up my posture by pulling my aching bones together and point a finger at Dorothy.

“God damn, you little shorty!  You got a case of rabies or something?!”


“GAH—?! Y-you just bit my hand!”

My goodness, I can’t tell you apart from a pack of wild dog.

Biting down hard on my hand, Dorothy refused to let go.

I swing my hand up and down in an effort to shake Dorothy off, but it’s not helping—her teeth are only sinking deeper and deeper into my skin. This kind of development is humorous only in cartoons; in reality, it’s pure gore!

“It hurts! I said it hurts, damn it! Somebody please help me!”

“Dorothy… Would you stop it for a moment?”

As though she came to a decision, Maria stops her meal and puts the fork down gently on the rim of the plate.

Obeying Maria’s restraint, Dorothy finally loosens her jaw and walks away to her seat.  It’s quite frightening, the way she’s smacking her lips and looking this way with the corner of her eyes like she still haven’t had enough.

“In truth, there is a reason why I restrict Onii-sama’s freedom out of my concern for you.”

“A reason?”

I really hope it’s not something like “my blood boils when I see you with another girl” or anything risqué like that.

“Currently, there are those who are after your life.”


I tilt my head sideways, failing to understand the meaning of those words.

There are people after my life?

What are you talking about? Are you saying I’ll become a leader of a resistance movement that will fight against artificially intelligent machines?

“This is not a joke. I just didn’t inform you because I was worried about the shock that you might receive. Our security department has already captured and suppressed multiple assassination attempts before they could be carried out.”

And those attempts include sniping, bombing and disguised accidents. What is this, Baskin-Robbins?![11]

“Err, wait a minute. You’re joking, right? Why are those people after my life in the first place?!”

Nothing is making sense to me; it’s completely foreign.  Even those inane metaphysical philosophy discussions would make more sense than this.

“Well, it would be difficult to tell you exactly why since there are so many reasons.”


In contrast to her words, Maria is absolutely impassive to the end.

“If I were to choose only one reason why, it would be because you are my Onii-sama.”
Maria’s transparent voice hung low and shook the floor with its weight.

Uhmm… How should I answer here?

Since Maria’s words are right in conclusion, should I apologize for my misunderstanding? Perhaps say stuff along the lines of “Haha, if you have to keep me in a cage for such sound reason, you’re more than welcome to do so! Waitress, more fried dumplings[12] over here please!” to her? It doesn’t feel quite right.

“Huh, now that’s quite something.”

I’ve already been stupefied out of my senses by the situation up until now, but honestly, all that seems like nothing in comparison to what I’ve just heard.

My life is in danger.

Why so?

Because I’m Maria Lunalady Blackhazel’s ‘Onii-sama’, that’s why.

Only for that reason alone.

It’s a sudden development without any sign or foreshadowing whatsoever.

This is just complete nonsense.

And Dorothy—who would normally be throwing insults like, “Ha, serves you right! Why don’t you just get stabbed already and drop dead!”— is being as quiet as a mouse, carefully studying Maria’s countenance.

Frankly, this was the most shocking!

“Hm, okay. Fine. To summarize, I have to live here penned up forever because somebody is after my head. Is that right?”

“I don’t think it’ll be like that, though I can’t say for sure.”

You can’t say for sure?

Doesn’t that mean I’d have to spend my sweet youth stuck here in the mountains if things don’t work out so well? I’m only 18, damn it!

It’s not like I’m some kind of a princess captured at a faraway demon castle.

If Maria’s words are true, then my life is at stake. This is not a joking matter.

Furthermore, when I realized this was all because of someone else’s actions, my emotions suddenly surged up inside me.

“Let me ask you one thing again.”


“Why did you bring me here?”


Disheartened, Maria lowers her head, not being able to reply.

Seeing Maria in a dispirited state like now really pricks at my conscience. Nonetheless, that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been dragged to a remote country where my life is now being threatened.

And I can’t keep fooling around with her volatile “my pace” like a marionette.

I’ll say it straight out.

Here’s my ultimatum.

“I’m going back to my motherland.”

“What do you mean? Onii-sama’s motherland is here, Romania.”

“Like I said, I’m not your older brother!”

Maria flinches in surprise, trembling.

Perhaps I raised my voice a little too high.

But the lapse of Maria’s mind is only momentary.

There’s no longer any trace of confusion on her face as I carefully check her face.

“In all aspects, it was my decision that I have brought you here. A childish impulse, if you will.”

Instead, she responds with firm resolution.

“However, I have definitely not brought back the wrong person, nor was there any mistake about it. To me, there is only one Onii-sama in the world. There is no mistake about it.”

Reflected in her heterochromatic eyes are her own confidence and will— something no any other mortal person could ever obtain overnight.

“I am Maria Lunalady Blackhazel. The head of the all-powerful Blackhazel family, in sole control of all the wealth that exists in this world. The single direct descendent continuing the legacy of the Voivode of Wallachia.” [13]

She was one of the few, chosen from birth. An entity of absolute power, even ruling over the others who were also chosen from birth.

She’s what youd call ‘crème de la crème’.

Maria’s words are not overstated in the slightest.

“And that girl's everything… Do you not want them, Onii-sama?”


“The only sacrifice Oni-sama has to make is to just give in to the whims of a little girl.”

The unexpected change of the flow in the conversation throws me off balance.

“In exchange, I will promise Onii-sama the authority over all the kingdoms of the world.”

“W-what are you talking about?”

“Riches beyond measure. The iron throne that will bring the world to its knees and under your command.  The concupiscent feasts of lakes made with alcohol and trees made with meat[14]. Along with my body and heart. Such authority that even the devil in the desert[15] cannot covet will be put underneath Onii-sama’s feet.”

“Err, body and heart? You’re going overboard…”

“Please do not reject them. I have already decided from the beginning to dedicate my precious purity to Onii-sama.”


Although I wasn’t drinking anything in particular, I have a hard time recollecting my composure from all the coughing.

The contrast between her overwhelming charisma and the content of the conversation is far too great for me to comprehend.

Even if I heard the Catholic Pope allowing homosexuality, it wouldn’t be as shocking as this.

It seems I’m not the only one taken aback by Maria’s statement, judging from Dorothy’s mouth lined with horror.

“Do my words sound like lies to you, Onii-sama?”

Not in the slightest.

Riches beyond measure. The iron throne that will bring the world to its knees and under my command—  No matter how absurd the promise may be, it is possible for her to make it come true.

After all, she is the Princess of Pure Darkness who can bring down the stars above if she so desires.

“Then, to you, do I look like a philanthropist who would give away everything to others without hesitation?”


“I wonder if Onii-sama knows this by any chance.”

Maria pauses for a moment to take a sip of coffee, and takes her time doing so.

“According to the UN Security Council, in the event that there are more than 1000 annual casualties and the federal government forces engage in an armed conflict in any form, it is classified as a ‘major armed conflict’ and the legislative body is summoned to decide whether the deployment of Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) forces to the authority is necessary.”

And the topic of this conversation is derailing yet again.

“And based on our independent statistics, there are about 31 cases of “major armed conflict” that are taking place in the four corners of the world as we speak. In the Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent[16]; Columbia’s civil war[17], induced by rebel forces; trifles in Africa surrounding the mining rights to diamond deposits—the continent’s most lucrative natural resource; down to bloody clashes among nations due to their religious antagonisms.”

Nonetheless, having no power whatsoever, all I can do is listen.

“200,000 child soldiers lose their lives on the battlefield for nothing, and every day tens of thousands of refugees suffer from starvation and epidemic, and women and children are raped and killed. Those who are forced to work at a cannabis plantation in South America for the rest of their life are few of the lucky ones.”

“W-what are you—”

The moment I open my mouth, having completely lost the thread of conversation, Maria cuts me off and continues.

“Yes. Without doubt, this world is spiraling down into corruption. And to the weak in all this anguish, I can offer them salvation.”

“Yes. I could become a saint for the weak in all this anguish if I wanted to, but I won’t; because I’m not a ‘philanthropist’ that could sacrifice everything out of hollow sympathy.”


Only then I was finally able to see a fragment of Maria’s intention behind her words.

“A single conflict will bereave these countless people of their lives, family, and irreplaceable things they hold dear. But at the same time, they are opportunities to create a tremendous financial gain to ‘some people’.”

So, calamity brings birth to wealth.[18]

“Because of that we ignite even more conflicts, keep them burning, and lead this world down into corruption. We provide supplies to rebel forces that have lost their capacity to rebel, assassinate politicians who advocates policies against us, and proxy for battles themselves as required.”

In short, they are merchants of death.

The international private military company Bandersnatch.

And the supreme existence that judges and forges ahead at the top of Bandersnatch.

—Commander Maria Lunalady Blackhazel.

The Princess of Pure Darknessthat reigns over with dignified and deathly charisma.

Not once will she look down to the despairs and cries of countless people in the pits of hell. Not to turn a blind eye, but to simply search for a way to do business.

That’s all it comes down to— a business.

Her eyes are terrifyingly cold, like looking down into an abyss.

Unlike those nouveau riches that raked in wealth indiscriminately against morals, she was a being beyond humankind that had no divide between good and evil from the very start.

“Do you understand, Onii-sama? I will not treat even a single gold coin lightly, swayed by trivial feelings of altruism such as sympathy or compassion.[19]

As I came to my sense, the pace of the conversation was already in Maria’s grasp.

“I decide and set their values, purely according to the logical scale of reason.”

Now under Maria’s control again, the atmosphere inside Black hazel Mansion was no different from the usual. Well, there might’ve been a subtle difference, but I’m not sure

“And this is what I have to say to you. To me, all these sacrifices are worth enduring to obtain Onii-sama’s heart.”

It’s an embarrassing line normally said between two lovers. But if you take the weight behind her words into account, it’s neither a flattery nor a sweet talk.


Right now I’m overwhelmed by her resolve, and all I can do is to remain silent.

Observing my reaction closely, Maria proceeds in a low voice.

It won’t feel real no matter how many times I hear it; however, as long as I’m here, it’s an inevitable fate.

“You are my precious Onii-sama, the one and only.”


In the end, the volatile atmosphere was reversed. It petered out to nothing, and none of the real issues were settled.

I return to my room after finishing the meal quietly. Then, as per usual, I turn on the computer and check the responses to my post on the bulletin forum.

Subject: Huh… hey guys Maria Blackhazel says that Im her Onii-sama lol.txt
Nickname: asdf
Body: So was it two weeks ago? Maria suddenly barged into the classroom and called me Onii-sama and dragged me to her mansion in Romania lolololol Maria is my little sister lolololol

IP Address
202X-0X-27 18:46:07

SH: u also smokin weed lately bro?
iwanttolickMariasthighs: y dont u go play some moar eroge lol
Promise&Faith:  lolololol yo pplz DF[20] is gonna go under lololololololololol
HeavenlyDevil: @iwantto/ lulwut?
zxcv: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Ondal: 700lbs! 700lbs! 700lbs!

“Man, have you guys been tricked all your life? Why can’t you trust what people say?”

Scratching the back of my head, I whine and complain.

*click click*

I keep clicking the mouse, but the next page takes more than five minutes to load.

As it already stands, this city of Brașov is a backcountry stuck in a remote area of Carpathian Mountains.

Of course the Internet—the fruit of our cutting-edge civilization—is going to be several times slower compared to Korea.

Okay, I understand that the network infrastructure is seriously underdeveloped here. But my god, this is way too slow.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t get used to the speed at all.

I sigh quietly and take a bite out of the vanilla madeleine that I had stored away as a snack a while ago.

It’s redundant even to mention it, but it’s delicious.

Although I've never had a fine sense of taste, the culinary skill here is so sublime that even I can tell the difference. The foods here at the mansion have always been top-notch, prepared in-house by first-class chefs with great devotion.

As for me, I do nothing but stuff food down my throat and sit around all day long.

I don’t know why I have to keep suffering from feelings of guilt like this.

That’s right.

What happened a while ago was a pretty big incident in its own way, but in retrospect, none of the real issues were settled.

As I wait for the site page on the screen to load, lost in inane thoughts, someone knocks on the door.

*knock knock*

Before I can even ask who it is, the girl opens the door and enters the room.  It’s Maria.


Her hair was wet with moisture as though she had just finished taking a shower, and she was wearing a rather large white shirt for her frame that exposed her sharp collarbone.

Oh my God, we're doomed![21]

“It seems you’re not in bed yet.”

Maria sits shyly on the bed and begins to speak.

“Well, it’s not even…ten o’clock yet.”

Taking a glance at Maria’s snow-white thighs, I lightly shake my head.

And what’s more, because the baggy shirt is covering her bottoms, I can’t tell if she’s wearing underwear or hot-pants underneath.

Generally, there‘s a limit to how defenseless you can be.

Even if it’s true that I’m Maria’s older brother, the gap created by time and cultural difference isn’t something you can disregard by any means. So please keep that cheeky coquettishness of yours in check!

I try hard to maintain my composure as my mind becomes flooded with thoughts.

Then, sitting on the bed, Maria carefully opens her mouth again.

“I would like to apologize for the incident earlier. I was somewhat agitated and wasn’t quite myself.”

“Y-yeah, I was kind of surprised.”

The awkward silence falls over the room. Contrary to my expectation of her immediate response, Maria is hesitant and she just keeps staring this way nervously.

Gold and blue.

A different hue resides in each of her heterochromatic eyes.

But the overwhelming dignity and pride she showed earlier were nowhere to be seen. Instead, those eyes were lost, wavering in a sea of anxiety.

What is it that Maria wants to say?

Eventually, Maria breaks the silence.

“Do you despise the way I am, Onii-sama?”


I’m not quite sure, but it appears she’s talking about the incident earlier.

The reconstruction of the food chain where the strong prey upon the weak, based on the distribution of wealth.

A lecture in regards to that law by the strong.

That the virtue of capitalism is not equal opportunities, but equal rights to move up on the food chain through accumulation of wealth.

“I won’t deny it. Surely, it could be that I have been defiled.”


“If I had the will to do so, the world today would certainly have been a bit better.”

The world would have been a bit better, you say?

I can’t even begin to imagine the size of that scale.

“Well… I don’t think you need to blame yourself. And even so, you’re not the one at fault.”

And it’s not like the world became like this in just a day or two.


Not being able to continue with her words, Maria hangs her head down.

Again, the awkward silence falls over the room.

Seeing me not knowing what to do, Maria hesitates for a while before muttering in a whisper.

“From time to time, I’m scared beyond my wits’ end.”

“Maria, I told you that it’s not your fault.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.”


“I could care less about the world. The dead that condemns me in my dreams every night, the sea of blood from the bullet-riddled bodies we have killed, the weight of their grudge, and the fingers pointing the blame for the misery of the world; I do not care in the slightest.”

Maria gently bites her lips and struggles through her words like a young girl in penance.

“What I really fear is not my ugliness or the world’s blame, but the rejection that will come from Onii-sama because of those things.”

“Reject you?”

I tilt my head sideways a little.

“Yes. What if I might incur Onii-sama’s hatred? Whenever I become weighted with such thought, it pains my heart to the point of breaking.”

Like a child having done something wrong, she’s looking downward at the floor.

She’s not the Princess of Pure Darkness that everyone knew.

She’s just a delicate 17-year-old girl in pain because she couldn’t read the mind of the person she admires.

“So please tell me, Onii-sama. Does Onii-sama truly despise this ugliness of mine?! And, if you do, if you truly do…!”

It really is an unfamiliar sight you can’t get used to.

“Then I…”

“I don’t.”


Due to my unexpected interruption, Maria replies back with a surprised look on her face.

But I don’t need to hear any more of this. To be honest, well, my answer is already decided at this point.

“I’m not trying to say that I dislike you in particular.”

I don’t have a special reason why.

It’s just that I’m certain.

From Maria’s wholehearted confession.

“You may think that you’re a bad person, but I don’t.”

I’m not trying to be noble here, with morals and ethics and whatnot.

At least, this is what I believe to be so.


Embarrassed, I scratch my cheek.

“No matter how ‘defiled” you are, I will never come to hate you.”

Why though?

Was it just a change of heart from seeing Maria in such a vulnerable state?

I’m not sure.

Maria’s plea reflected in her desperate eyes is the only thing I can ascertain.

It was just moments ago that I was strutting about how I was returning to Korea, but now the ball’s in her court.


Maria blinks with her eyes wide open like a surprised puppy.

“What I wanted to say was that I’m unhappy with the present situation and treatment. I didn’t mean that I’d leave the mansion because I hate you, Maria.”

“I see.”

Relieved, Maria smiled sweetly.

That’s right.

There’s no change in the way things are now, but the important thing is my mental attitude in the end.

And do I really have an urgent reason to go back to Korea? It’s not like I have any friends or relatives there, or an apartment of my dreams that I’d prepared. And wasn’t I living a hard life? On top of attending high school, I was working part-time every day just to earn enough money for the monthly rent.

I am kind of worried as to how I’ll get back the deposit money for the monthly rent due next month from the landlord, but in the end, it’s only these kind of things.

“By the way, Onii-sama…”


It was when I was thinking this and that sort of things.

“There’s one thing I’d like to correct.”

“One thing you’d like to correct?”

“I’ve said it myself that I was “defiled” a moment ago, right?”

“What? Ah, yeah.”

Does she still have more to say?

“Actually, strictly speaking, that was about 50% wrong.”

Just what does she mean now?

“My body hasn’t been defiled yet by anybody, and it’s still pure.”


My god.

I knew she wouldn’t let this end peacefully. She just had to spoil it at the last moment.

Raising the lower hem of her white shirt, Maria smiles flirtatiously.

What I see below her raised skirt is, as one would expect, an undergarment. To boot, it’s a Western-styled undergarment that maximizes a girl’s femininity— a lingerie.

Well, of course. Now that I think using common sense, I've never heard of a weird after-shower-look that combines shirt and hot-pants together.

“But, if it’s Onii-sama, I would gladly allow you. No, it has to be Onii-sama! If it’s you, then it’s okay to mess up and break my body.”

“Whoa! Hey, w-wait!  Weren’t we about to finish this like a nice and warm drama?! I don’t get why it’s going off-topic like this!”

“Not at all, I heard this normally happens in bishoujo simulation ga— I-I mean, ahem! I understand this is a normal development between two lovers.”

Hey, you were about to say something very obscure, weren’t you?

“I've never heard of such strange development and, leaving that aside, we aren’t even lovers!”

“Now! Please dye my purity blood-red and make it all wet

“Stop! Where’s the rating board?! I’d like to report a violation of regulatory law here!”

And more importantly, stop unbuttoning your shirt!

This light novel is rated PG-13, not R!

It was when I was trying to stop Maria with all my might.

As though my words have finally reached her, Maria stops what she’s doing and hesitates momentarily.

I take a sip of coffee on the desk to quench my thirst while I wait for Maria’s next words. Then…

“Onii-sama, are you perhaps sexually disabled?”


What do you mean I’m sterile?![22]

Those are some catastrophic words.

I spit out the coffee on the computer screen. But there’s only a slight blush on Maria’s face; her voice and nonchalant poker face remains the same as usual.

“Despite my aggressive advances against my own embarrassment, you are still unresponsive. I can only conclude that there is a problem with Onii-sama’s reproductive function.”

“Wait a minute. Don’t you think those aggressive advances are the problems here?”

“What do you mean? I assure you that my actions are based on verified and credible data.”

That credible data wouldn’t happen to be from bishoujo games, would it?!

“And I heard that men’s masturbation is where you ‘extract’ periodically on an average of once every three days.  However, ever since Onii-sama came here, you have not released any— any drop of semen.”


I don’t know about the first part, but the second one might be quite— wait, what am I saying?!

“If that is true…”

“If that’s true?! I’m a perfectly healthy guy, so don’t mind it!”

“Weak as I am, please let me be of assistance, Onii-sama…!”

“H-hold on! Just listen to me!”

Really, what on earth does she mean by ‘be of assistance’?

My face flushes red from an unwholesome imagination, which I shouldn’t have thought of.

To boot, with the image of Maria who’s coming this way with a determined look.

“S-stop! Okay, that’s good! Let’s wrap up for today, director! Ahaha, good work today, everyone!”

“Excessive abstinence is not good for you; it’s been proven medically, Onii-sama! Please let this weak girl lend you a ‘hand’!”

“J-just wait! Please let’s talk this over rationally!”

It’ll be a bad end if I tell her that I’ll do it alone.

It’ll definitely be a bad end if I ask her to help me or such things.

It’ll also be a bad end if I just let her go and get branded as being sterile.

“Hey, just wait! I think there’s a huge misunderstanding here on your part. You see, I’m a perfectly fine male!”

“Then how come, for the past two weeks, you haven’t…”

“Hey, would you do that kind of thing at someone else’s house?! You’d have to be insane to try it in the first place!”

"What do you mean? This place is Onii-sama's house. Besides, masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, while thinking of Onii-sama, even I..."

"Whoa, too much information!"

“Then, Onii-sama, you’re saying there really isn’t a problem, right?”

“Yes, yes! So please, you don’t have to mind any unnecessary attention.”

You really don’t!


I’ve managed to avoid the bad ends. Thanks to my defiant refusal, I got past the worst of it.

With a wistful look on her face—though I don’t know what she’s got to be wistful about—Maria  continues to speak.

“Since Onii-sama is so stubborn about his chastity, I will overlook this matter for today. However Onii-sama, if you do not provide a sufficient proof of your health in the near future…”

“I-if I don’t?”

“I will make sure that you do, by force if necessary. So, please prepare yourself.”

Leaving such spine-chilling words behind, Maria got up leisurely from her seat.

[1] Blue House: Known as Cheongwadae (靑瓦臺) in Korean, it is the executive office and official residence of the President of the Republic of Korea. Think of it as an equivalent to the White House.
[2] Persephone: A Greek goddess, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead.
[3] Clausewitz: A Prussian Major-General and military theorist, well-known for his notable work Vom Kriege.
[4] TL|Kuro: From the Korean drama series “Sandglass”, this famous line uttered by Tae-soo shortly before his federal execution. In the unofficial subbed version, it’s just “Am I… shaking?”
[5] Anpanman: A Japanese cartoon character, whose head is made of bread filled with red bean paste.
[6] TN|Kuro: Reference to Kato Shusaku, the eponymous protagonist of a BDSM eroge by ELF.
[7] TN|Kuro: This line is originally a lame comeback that uses a pun. The sentence “do you have a problem?” in Korean may also mean “do you only have fire?”, but it’s mainly used to display belligerence.  So when Dorothy asks Siyoung if he has a problem, he purposely responds in a joking manner by saying that he also has water.
[8] TN|Kalkin: Reference to how sex offenders are given electronic tags as surveillance; Dorothy is basically calling him a pedophile.
[9] One room mansion: Basically, a really small apartment. For more information, please read this Wiki article.
[10] Carpathian Mountains: A range of mountains forming an arc across Central and Eastern Europe.
[11] TN|Kuro: Reference to the Baskin-Robbins’ original 31 flavors when it first opened in 1945. Its concept was variety— you could have a different flavor every day of any month.
[12] TN|Kuro: Reference to the Korean vengeance film "Oldboy", where the main character is locked in a room for 15 years and is fed nothing but fried dumplings.
[13] TN|Kuro: Most likely a reference to Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia.
[14] TN|Kalkin: A rather long proverb from China… Those familiar with Romance of the Three Kingdoms may pick it up. (Although it took place before Sangokushi)
[15] TN|Kuro: Reference to the devil in the temptation of Christ.
[16] TN|Kuro: Reference to the Kashmir conflict.
[17] TN|Kuro: Reference to the Colombian Civil War.
[18] TN|KuKa: Both calamity (災禍) and wealth (財貨) are pronounced  “jae-hwa” in Korean.
[19] TN|Kuro: Reference to “The Model Millionaire” written by Oscar Wilde, where the main character gives a gold coin (sovereign) to a beggar out of pity.
[20] DF: Short for “Dungeon Fighter”. This sentence is a reference to the game-breaking event “Kiri’s Promise & Faith”, where players were able obtain +11-+14 items without breaking them by using premium currency.
[21] TN|Kuro: Reference to the horrible Korean dubbing in Half Life 1. Replaced it with the original line in English.
[22] TN|Kuro: Reference to an old Korean drama “Rustic Period”, where a male character becomes sterile after an accident involving his Johnson. In the video clip, after being informed by the doctor that his Johnson is now impotent, he cries out to himself “[What do you mean] I’m sterile?!”


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