Thursday, 9 August 2012

[Announcement] New Members & Project

It's official, dear readers!

We have two new members on our team! Please give a warm welcome to Narane and MadTix!

And the new project they'll be working on is...

*drum roll*

Clotaku Club!

We'll tell you right now that Narane is honestly an excellent translator with impressive skills! Although it's his first time translating, the quality of his translations were remarkable, if not outright awe-inspiring.

And there's MadTrix, our first editor, who enthusiastically joined our group with such passion for giving back to the online community. What a man of admirable principles! We expect to see much from him.

Please give these two your support and thank them for their onerous efforts!


  1. Heyo! So I went to the trouble to not read the review you did so as to keep myself spoiler free.
    I look forward to judging... I mean- reading your new project. Hehe, Clotaku, I get it.

  2. Yay new team members

    *clap clap clap*

  3. Clotaku Club v01
    Prologue - Finalization
    ch01 - Finalization

    i hope this KLN will be the 2nd novel i read (sekaimo is the 1st) :D


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