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[Sekaimo v1] Lily :: Who is she? - /003.

As the Lonely Island would say, "Ohhh shit, get your towels ready! It's about to go down!"

Translators: Kalkin
Proofreaders: Imoutolicious

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Running away from Dorothy who seemed to be intent on flaying me alive, I arrive at the party on the dock, full of people socializing and enjoying themselves to the fullest. The best part of this cruise, I’d say.

The deck is bustling with the life of the party; there isn’t even any room for me to slip in. A full moon shining in the sky and the sound of the waves tickle my senses. Gazing at the extravagant cuisine and the melodious music coming from the orchestra, I forget who I am momentarily and lose myself in a state of contemplation.

It’s nearing midnight, and the party shows no sign of fading out.

“Lily, hungry…”

And then there’s Lily, stuck to me like a magnet. She’s tugging at my shirt sleeve, complaining about how hungry she is.

“Ah, ahh, right. There’s food all around us, so let’s grab something to eat then.”

To be honest, I was feeling a bit empty myself.

Going around the dance floor filled with people, we approach the buffet table located slightly off to the side.

Turkey, barbeque, ribs, all sorts of meat and seafood, western cuisine to Japanese, it’s filled with food from all around the world that you can pick out however to your liking.

Restraining my watering mouth, I gather some of everything into my plate. Spaghetti, pizza, smoked salmon, kebab, roasted chicken…

Re-enacting the Leaning Tower of Pisa right on my plate and moving onto the Chinese food section, my hand accidentally run into someone who was confidentially going for the Chinese food as well.

“Uh, sorry about that”

Turning my head to apologize to whoever I bumped my hand int-

“Oh my God.”

Now I know what they mean when they say you can’t run from fate in this world.

The reason being that beside me is Sara Rin, wearing a blood-red China dress laced with golden threads.

“Ji… Ji… Ji… Jinmenjūshin-kun?!”[1]

Her face transforms into a look of pure unbelievable terror. Well, not just her face, mine too as well.

I guess it’s not just Korea that’s small…

“Shénmei shí?”

And running to Sara’s direction is a gentleman of considerable age. Judging by his broad shoulder, I’m guessing he’s no slouch when it comes to strength. Maybe he’s a shaolin monk, perhaps?

“Méí shénme, Qing Long?”

A conversation in fluent Mandarin takes place. I can’t understand what they’re saying, but from what Sara is gesturing to him, she’s trying to say that this is nothing of importance.

So that makes the gentleman her bodyguard or some sort.

“So, what is Jinmenjūshin-kun doing here?

Sara asks in a venomous tone, without even attempting to mask her animosity toward me.

“Ah, ahahaha, well, stuff happened… Was that guy your bodyguard?”

“Qing Long (青龍)[2] is a butler from my family.”

Sara replies back in a cold tone, her words covered in numerous thorns.

Now that I think about it, Sara was an immigrant. Lin family must be a pretty high-up family to have a butler serving them.

“If we’re done talking, then I’d like to leave.”

She talks as if every second she spends on me is a second wasted; Sara turns away with no hesitation whatsoever.

But I can’t let this end here.

All this disgust and contempt toward me began with a misunderstanding anyway. Now that Lily is distracted shoving food inside her like a vacuum cleaner, this is my chance to tell her what really happened.

I grab onto her shoulder to stop her from walking away.

“J, just a second there!”

“Kyaa?! T, take your hand off me! Womanizer! Pedophiliac! Perverted sea anemone!”

“Uwahh?! S, sorry! I mean I have to tell you something, so just listen to me for a second!”

“Get away, you beast!”

With a shake of her shoulders, Sara walks away from me.

And so, I was left staring at her leaving without any progress in explaining myself whatsoever. I could have been just dumped by my imaginary girlfriend and even that wouldn’t be as depressing as this.


And there’s Lily in contrast, who’s already done with quite a few plates of food, busy stuffing herself.

Lily realizes that I’m staring at her and she slowly raises her head this way and stares at me.

There’s still bit of rice around her mouth.

...I don’t know what she ate to have rice around her mouth.

“So, having fun enjoying yourself with food while you watch me fall into the depths of hell?”

I spit out, realizing that possibly nothing could make my life even worse than what I’m feeling right now.

“Hmph, none for you…”

Lily answers, dragging the plate closer to her.

This troublesome midget is…

Way too easily distracted.


It was then, when the tightly-wrought tranquility of the party scene was pulled tight, like a string on a guitar of a musician.

Appearing from the shadow’s guise, under the lobby was two sisters of the Blackhazel.

Maria and Dorothy.

Even in a place like this where only the highest of the high class could dare to appear, the weight those two carry is certainly an overwhelming one.

Enveloped in an evening-dress of purplish beauty, Maria receives the attention of everyone filled with adoration and admiration.

Beside her is Dorothy, who’s probably using all her strength to look as dignified as possible.

“Aah, to meet the 《Princess of Pure Darkness》 in the flesh, I feel like I’m dreaming!”

“Miss Dorothy looks wonderful beside the Princess as well!”

As the two enter the stage, the crowd of people around the Blackhazels disperse, making a circular barrier like protecting their queen.

“For the noble Blackhazels to visit our small party here, I give you my words of gratitude in place of everyone here.”

The pleasure is ours, President Kaufmann. We are grateful for just being invited.

Maria walks with him­­­ and talks about stories here and there. While Maria is talking about WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) being researched and other war issues, I take a seat in a table away from them.

I’m not really interested in this adult business Maria is dealing with just for some attention from everyone, and I certainly don’t want to cause any problem as a “Blackhazel”.

“Yeah, at a time like this… munch munch… as an older brother… munch munch… I need to look out for my sister’s sake… munch munch…”

Immersed in my so-called mature considerations, I sit beside Lily and busily shove food into me like a vaccum cleaner. Though the sight of me wearing a fancy evening suit and eating away like a madman doesn’t appear as anything mature.

While I’m still immersed, a voice calls out to me.

“Aah, so you were there!


Forget about me watching her talking with others; apparently she couldn’t care less about others and she was busily waving her hands at my direction.

All of a sudden, the flow of attention is directed towards me and the shady corner that I’m in.

Umm, Maria.

I don’t think this is a very good idea.

I secretly send a quick gesture towards Dorothy beside her, who was obviously panicking. At least now, I think we feel the same about what’s happening over here is what I feel. A win-win strategy, perhaps?

But it wasn’t like she could do anything against Maria who just suddenly decided to act away out of the blues.

Maria hastily comes to the table where I am, and in response I stiffen like a frozen tuna in a fridge.

“You should’ve told me you were going to go out early! I was really worried because I couldn’t find my Onii-sama.”

She grabs my hand, an expression of genuine worry etched on her face. It’s like she just found me as a hostage being returned from an attempted kidnapping.

She at least seems to be glad that she found me, judging by that smile on her face.

At the same time, murmurs of suspicion spreads through the crowd like a wave.

“Who’s that Oriental?”

“Who exactly is he for Maria, the Blackhazel, to…”

“It’s my first time seeing his face too.”

“Perhaps he’s Sunwoo Family’s…”

Well, I expected this much.

Even I can read the mood here.

Those that are bound with connections do not approve of outsiders. In their eyes, it’s clear that my existence is something of an irregularity here. That much I can read.

And even so, Maria is unfazed. She acts like the two of us are in a private dimension, away from everyone.

It’s a bit different from not being able to read the mood.

“It looks like you are done with dinner.”

“Er? Ahh, yeah, I am.”

I couldn’t bring myself to say “I still hunger for more” like Coach Hiddink[3] once said.

Maria stops herself for a moment and changes her attention towards the dance stage.

“Then, Onii-sama.”

The moment she decided to speak, I should have deeply prayed that “Onii-sama” never reached the crowd’s ears.

But maybe I didn’t need to.

Maria gracefully lifts the hem of her skirt with her hands and bends her knees in deference.

It is this lovelorn lady’s small wish. Would you care to dance with me?”


Considering the possibilities of what consequences that could have, it would be better to tell everyone here that I was her “Onii-sama”. A hundred thousand times better.

Maria grabs my hand and half-drags me to the middle of party, where the dance stage was located.

“Wa, Wait up! Maria! I don’t know a single thing about ballroom dancing!”

That was my excuse, but I doubt it would work against the 《Princess of Pure Darkness》 over there.

Relax and follow my lead, Onii-sama

The way Maria spoke so eloquently; it’s dignified, sophisticated and beautiful as well, like how a queen would speak.

But follow her lead?

Isn’t that what men usually say?

“Modern Waltz is, with sufficient lead, is a dance anyone can participate in, even beginners.”

Maria lightly snaps her finger in the middle of the dance stage.

With that, the orchestra begins playing a light classical music, as if they were waiting for this moment.

She’s not listening to me.

Everyone except me and Maria steps back in unison and surrounds the dance stage, observing us.

Lily, Dorothy, and even Sara Lin should be around here watching.

Thinking that, a wave of hesitation and panic batters me. My step stiffens and stumbles. Forget about Waltz and whatever, the only thing related to dancing I did was in middle school was a special PE program in school. There’s no way a first-time beginner like me could dance, however Maria tries to lead.

“Don’t worry, Onii-sama.”

But Maria doesn’t reprimand me.

She just smiles, as if she’s an omniscient goddess.

Maria takes a step back, and I take a step forward. Maria raises my hand over her hand fluently and does a half-spin.

There’s a certain clumsiness in my dance like a marionette being controlled, but there’s also a sense of fluidity that you wouldn’t see in a first-time dancer.

“This is fine as it is.”

Maria speaks.

“Onii-sama just needs to leave everything to me, and follow me as it is.”

“L, leave everything, haha.”

An awkward laugh followed by an on-beat side-step.

“Yes, like…”

Maria steps in closer, drawing her lips to my ears, and sweetly whispers:

“Like a doll, obeying to my every will and whim.”

I can sense a subtle hint of twist in the say she speaks.


Just then...

“Everybody get down!”


Was a single gunshot that ripped through the night sky.


Because of the sudden gunshot, the evening party was suddenly overwhelmed in a cold silence, like in a graveyard.

Ahh, I don’t know who it is, but what a relief. Here I was, stuck in the most awkward situation and everything just worked out my way because of him. He wants me to get down and bow? Anything my savior wants me to do, and it’s not like getting down is something hard to do.

Ah, hang on a second.

What did that guy mean when he said “Get down”?

“Who are you guys?!

That shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. These guys are armed terrorists who snuck into this party to threaten everyone; albeit terrorists wearing a security guard outfit. Strangely, they’re rather into terrorizing everyone than protect everyone like the security guard they are.

Who’s supposed to protect us if the security guards are like this?

“I said who do you think you are?!

“Shut it!”

And the brave gentleman who dared to speak up goes down with a rifle butt to the stomach.

“Stop chattering and get down right now!”

So badass, you really are. Don’t worry, I’m already down on my head and knees without you telling me again.

Can’t say this is one of my good nights I’m having.

And we’re in the middle of nowhere, floating by somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Even if someone wises up and calls the police, that’ll take up too much time and these goons will be gone by then. Isn’t this why we hired security officers, so these kinds of things don’t happen in the first place?

And these terrorists are moving like they’re a group of government trained soldiers.

There’s no way regular run-of-the-mill goons can be this organized. Maybe a bit more, and this is going to turn into something a lot bigger.

“Nice of everyone to gather all in one place, it saves us the trouble.”

Someone who appears to be the leader speaks, while tasting the food up on the table.

“Time for an introduction. We are a group of armed revolutionists, called the Blades of the Left’[4]. Maybe some of the higher-ups here have heard about us?”

Just which idiot decided to hire these guys as the security officers…

Something’s got to be done; whoever that was in charge of the security needs to write a letter of resignation right now!

Nowadays, you don’t have to be some fancy politician to know who Blades of the Left’ are. They’re a group of terrorists composed of ex-soldiers with a faith in extreme terrorism for the world. From shooting down airplanes to using hostages to take down unfavorable companies, they’re simply the most extreme extremists you could ever hope to find.

Be that as it may, I never expected to actually see them in such peaceful times.

“It seemed too easy. I even thought this was a bait case by the ICPO to arrest us at the beginning.”

With his guards by his side, the leader slowly approached this way, step by step.

“But I guess he was right. We’ve really got ourselves here a big fish here.”

Like in a funeral march, the leader walks here and there around the party hall.

When he says “big fish” I can only think of one person.

I can only hope that this bad premonition I have is woefully wrong.

Oh my, how rude, to compare me to something as low as a fish.”

Do you really have time to worry about your pride in a situation like this?!


It seems the leader found her reaction quite entertaining. Maria waves her hair back in a provocative way, and gazes at the leader head-on.

Just how brave are you going to act?!

“This bitch…!”

I really don’t think your organization is capable enough to set up a fake security company, nor do I think you are influential enough to disguise yourself as one.

In contrast to the leader’s grimace, Maria is still maintaining her poker face.

All of a sudden, the fight’s been turned into a debate.

“There is only one answer, someone more powerful is behind the curtains here.”

Maybe she’s right on point? The leader frowns slightly, and starts laughing in a cheery tone.

“As expected from the 《Princess of Pure Darkness》. You’ve got some sharp eyes there. But what can you do now?”

“I am saying know your place, as a mere pawn on a chessboard.”

“You bitch! Do you want to fucking die?!

With Maria’s provocations, the leader looks like he’s about to rampage around insane. He pulls out a pistol from his waist and aims it right in front of Maria.


This doesn’t look good at all!

“Um, excuse me…”

I don’t know where I got this insane courage to speak out loud. Courage is too good of a word for me but whatever.

“Please no violence, violence is bad… OK? Please be a reason guys…[5]

The English that I spent twelve gruesome years learning, now it finally has a chance to shine right here.

Practical English! Fluent English that just rolls off the tongue when talking in front of a foreigner!

Ahh, and there I was, marveling at what an excellent education system Korea had.

“What the fuck are you on about, you retard!”


One of the armed guards approaches me and nails my stomachs me with his rifle stock. No lie here, it feels like my body is crumbling away with pain.

“Kuuu… hurr…!”

Covering my stomach with my arms, I crumple to the floor headfirst.


I shouldn’t have acted out.

With the words “Onii-sama”, the whole atmosphere around the party hall changes drastically.

The terrorists’ attention that was directed at the hostages turned to me.



You’re looking down on me because I’m made of kimchee?


And in the middle, Maria coldly glares at the leader, with venomous aura. His gun is still directed at Maria’s forehead.

“I’ll give you a warning.”

Despite her situation, Maria shows no sign of being intimidated. As expected from the 《Princess of Pure Darkness》. Still, acting prideful in a situation like this is only going to look like a façade.

A warning? You’re talking nonsense, missy.”

“Unless you run away right now with your tails between your legs, only death awaits you”

I have to wonder about where she’s getting all that courage from.

Forget about death and whatever, that’s a gun pointed right at her head.

But contrary to my desperate mind, my body just won’t budge an inch, perhaps because of the shock from earlier.

Looking at it from a neutral perspective, it’s the terrorists that are in full control.

No matter how forceful Maria acts, it won’t change anything in the end.

“Listen up, missy. You can act high and mighty all you want, but you’re wrong if you’re thinking we’re gonna leave here nicely.”

Nonetheless, the leader seems to have realized that as well, as a sense of superiority returned to him. He continues his talk.

“Our demands are simple. First, as of now…”

“Whatever your demands may be, I have no intention of even remotely considering them.

Really, no matter how positive you try to look at this, she’s just digging her own grave straight down to hell here.

“I am not that free to have the time of day to listen to children crying, unaware of the situation they’re in.”

“You fucking bitch! You really want to fucking die, don’t you?!”

The leader looks infuriated with veins popping out on the side of his head. I really hope Maria knows that he could pull the trigger at any moment when his anger gets the better of him. Why doesn’t she realize that?

“Right now, you have only two choices to decide from. First, surrender peacefully and subsequently be punished by the law. Second, disregard my advice and die a pointless death.”

I really can’t understand how Maria’s brain works.

“It’s like I’m talking to a wall here.”

The leader gives up on the “common sense” persuasion he tried to have with her.

“Fine then. Holding someone like the Blackhazel as a hostage wasn’t a very smart thing to begin with, anyway.”

He shakes his shoulder, in an exasperated way.

“But today, I condemn this same Blackhazel to death. Even with just this act, it’ll make this whole business something to be remembered.”

The pistol was once again directed at Maria’s forehead.

And with no hesitation, the trigger was…

1. TN: Meaning was explained in ch02p01 - Beast in a men’s clothing.
2. TN: 青龍, seiryuu in Japanese, chungryong in Korean, meaning blue dragon.
3. Coach Hiddink: A Dutch football manager who lead South Korea to a fourth place finish in the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
4. TN: Blades of the Left (좌방의검) - Possible reference to Sahō no Terra from Toaru Majutsu no Index.
5. TN: He’s trying to speak English. Just not very well.


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