Saturday, 23 February 2013

Happy First Anniversary!

Hello there, readers. Today is a glorious day, as it marks the first anniversary of Imoutolicious LNT! Looking back, we have come so far from where we were one year ago. Since then, our group has grown three times in size and took on three additional projects. It is nothing short of amazing! All this could not have been done without your continuous interest and support. On behalf of Imoutolicious LNT, I'd like to thank all the readers out there.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, I didn't notice it was our first anniversary until, like, a week ago. So there really isn't anything extra special that we have prepared. I am truly sorry.

Still, to celebrate our first anniversary, I have rescanned the color illustrations and made them available for everyone to see on Projects. However, I would like to warn you in advance that there are spoilers.

Please wish us the best of luck for another good year!

Also, our group members, please use the space below if you'd like to say anything!

lol I meant the space here in the post, but whatever!


  1. Happy birthday to your group and thanks for everything you did last year. I wish everyone the best of luck for another year with plenty of Imouto @_@

  2. Thanks for all Imouto! Happy Birthday!
    And the best of lucks for this year and the followings ;)

    Regards from Argentina ;)


  3. I haven't really been staff long enough to add anything, but I have been following the blog since day one.


  4. I feel like our in ability to recognise our anniversary pretty successfully encompasses our attitude... hah

  5. Wow a year already, Congratz !

  6. Thanks for all your hard work...
    Waiting patiently for each of your release, my fav series so far is famima and sekaimo

  7. Happy Anniversary hope that you can continue will all of your series and thank you for your hard work.

  8. Happy Anniversary and thanks for your work :D

  9. Congrats guys, and Thanks for all translation project.. :D

  10. Oh god this is the sixth time looking at this going "oh god I didn't post anything here yet, I better do it now" and then forgetting about it after 10 extra tabs getting opened in Firefox and--




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