Saturday, 23 March 2013

[Announcement] New Member & Project

Good news, everyone! Today we'll be making a hyperdimensional delivery to planet Moecron Pepsi 8!

Ahem, putting the lame reference aside, we would like to introduce our new first mate on board!

Please give a warm welcome to our new Korean translator: EdmondDantes!

EdmondDantes will work on our first sci-fi LN project:
Dawnbringer: The Story of the Machine God

Some of you may already know this series from my first review. You can read all about it there, but it's essentially about a legendary war hero who wakes up from cryogenic sleep 120 years later in the future, only to find out that mankind has taken a turn for the worst. Sadly, it sounds all too familiar to us, doesn't it?

Anyways, please look forward to reading the first chapter of Dawnbringer!


  1. Looking forward to it.

    Now if only someone would step forward for onii-ai.

  2. That's awesome that the staff keeps on growing. I'm looking forward to reading this Light Novel. Thank you EdmondDantes for joining imoutolicious and working on translating this LN for us to read.

  3. omg dawnbringer I was hoping someone would be interested in this :D

  4. Sweet baby jesus Dawnbringer now this one I really hope my body can take.

  5. Cheers for the new project and new translator.
    I wait for more imoutos :D

  6. If only it had more lolis/imoutos.

    1. it is a bit loli considering the real age of the mc :D

  7. ermergerd looking forward to this one! :D

  8. OMG a month ago I started to learn korean just to read it :S
    Only if you had started earlier...
    Oh well, THANK YOU

    PS: Did my e-mail arrive? xD


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