Monday, 1 April 2013

[AFD Announcement] New Project

Imoutolicious LNT is starting a new light novel project!

The only problem: We only have a very vague idea on what we could be doing!

And so, we are currently looking for people with great ideas for light novels! You don't have to be a writer; you just have to be willing to share those ideas!

Here we have a template to put in your great ideas; just make sure you fill out as many fields as you can! The more, the better!

Also, for absolutely no reason, please don't disable Javascript before pressing 'submit', and please use any browsers except for Internet Explorer for viewing this page.

Disclaimer: Imoutolicious holds all rights and ownership to any information submitted through this page. By pressing Submit, you hereby agree that you forfeit, if any, all ownership of the contents of this page.

Name of the protagonist Name of the little sister:
An 'unlikely' profession (try to keep below 16 characters) A type of animal:
An adjective: Another adjective:
Verb that can end with -ING Another -ING verb and a noun
Verb in past tense A historic event (ie. World War I)
Adverb Some far-away place
A body part A noun related to the animal from before
A place to live in An exclamation ('Ow!')
A child/teenager's age An idealistic goal (ie. 'World peace')
A 'negative' adjective A type of school
One precious item related to the profession A family member
Your username


  1. I'm a little bit confused here ^^'

    Is the new project like a fan-fiction novel?

    1. Oh god how do I undo deletes

      I am never browsing from a tiny phone ever again

    2. As far as I know, you can't undo deletes unless you roll-back the blog.

  2. My little sister is a pro balls! Coming soon to a bookstore near you!

    PS: Where'd the illustrations come from?

    1. It's from this blog, of course.

    2. Dammit, Narane. It's going to drive me crazy.

      Google and iqdb are too stupid to deliver sauce.

    3. That's because I lied; it's not from *this* blog, it's from the *temporary April Fools version of this blog*! Surprise!

      (What's worse, it's hosted on Imageshack, and NOT on the blog itself! Double surprise!)

  3. April fools joke..?

  4. The writer inside me boiling with excitement as I read this.

  5. what sup kalkin it ze Andrsan here :D

  6. "Until one day, the world's brightest scientists discovered that only Gym rats, with their mighty Barbells, can defeat the Chumpy Rat from outer North Korea by Fucking their prostrate. No one questioned how this was discovered, or how it works in the first place; Gym rats from all over Earth banded together for a good old Fuck."


  7. romance(harem???+ loli xD) ,comedy, action( fights...... either swordfight or magic or both).... setting can be in a futuristic world or fantasy...... this is all i can come up with for the moment..( even though it's all common ideas + nonsense)

  8. And almost a year after posting this, I'm now wondering how many people actually tried pressing the 'submit' button after reading this



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