Monday, 22 April 2013

[Sekaimo v1] Afterword

Translators: Kalkin
Proofreaders: Imoutolicious

Please enjoy.

Nice to meet you, this is Kim Wolhui.

I hope you had fun reading this novel. If you have, then there is no greater enjoyment for me, and if you haven’t, then I’ll be trying harder next time to produce a better novel for everyone.

My first book from SEED Novel, My Darkness Sister, is basically about a normal protagonist with nothing noteworthy meeting his ‘greatest little sister in the world’ and the romance that unfurls between then.

Maria, in the eyes of the world, is the leader of a multinational military corporation that seeks to provoke military conflict and establish a monopolistic system to disturb justice and gain wealth— in short, she is an archvillain.

But even for someone like her, she’s endlessly kind and gentle towards those close to her… was the idea I’ve had for this novel.

Of course, as I wrote this, I feel a slight regret in the fact that Maria wasn’t more accurately portrayed and in her other image, but overall I feel that she’s an attractive heroine.

How did you, the readers, think?

My Darkness Sister, was it up to your expectation?

It was sometime around May during the novel contest where I felt publishing a book felt a bit dream-like, in a faraway land, but now that I’m writing afterword like this and looking at the published book, I must say the change feels pleasantly new to me.

My word of thanks goes to publisher Mr.K, to the illustrator who drew me something beyond my expectation, Mr. so-and-so who should be saving Azeroth from destruction, and of course, to my dear readers who should be reading this afterword right about now.

I hope we can meet again once more on volume 2 if we can, as I conclude this afterword.

Imoutolicious LNT Staff Afterword
So. Sekaimo volume 1 finally finished.

I really can’t believe it’s done now. I remember barely getting started on the very first chapter like it was yesterday, and after every release I felt like I would never finish the whole book.

I’ve never tried translation outside of mangas and h-doujins, and I wasn’t sure I could translate a novel. Mercifully, I’ve had fun with it, and now it’s grown into something I would very much like to continue doing. I’m just glad there’s more people like me that knows the value of imoutos everywhere.

I’ve come a long way, not just me, but everyone in Imoutolicious and readers as well; we went from hosting just one project into hosting Clotaku Club, Four Lovers, Famima, Dawnbringer… I really am thankful I can work beside everyone willing to put time to translate these wonderful light novels. My thanks go out to everyone involved!

I hope everyone will stay with us for more releases in the future! 


First of all, I would like to congratulate Kalkin for the completion of Sekaimo volume 1. I believe he is the first person ever to translate a full volume of KLN. So, kudos to him for his achievement!

When we first started this blog, it was really on an impulse to try something that has never been done before— the translation of Korean light novels. There were plenty of titles to choose from, but our love for imoutos eventually prevailed and Sekaimo was selected as our virgin vessel for the maiden voyage. And boy, we have cruised far from where we initially set sail, not to mention the lovely members who have joined along our expedition. I am truly grateful to work with such wonderful people. Huge props to all the staff and our dear readers!

Please continue your readership and stay with us for more awesome Korean light novels!


  1. Congratulation for completing of the first full volume

    1. Thank you so much! Now it's finally the time to make it into a PDF file!

  2. Thanks so much for translating this, congrats for the first KLN volume ever translated (on the internet, by fans of course). Hope you guys will continue to translate this series further.

  3. Thank you for your hard work, I mean it really.
    I enjoy this series so please continue translate sekaimo

  4. Nice update and congrats for the completion of the 1st vol...
    3 more to go right?

  5. Heyo! -Ahaha! I remember when I stumbled upon this blog what seems to be a around a year or so and visiting regularly for the great project you doing. Here's to another year and another volume.
    Thanks for all you've done.
    With much thanks,

  6. Congratulations to Kalkin to be the first ever person to translate a whole KLN and his partner in crime Imoutolicious for editting!! Volume 2 plz <3!

  7. Congrats on completing the entire volume! Thanks for your efforts!

    That said, I have nothing against you guys but this is kinda painful to read. The personalities and behavior of the entire cast is really, really erratic. I read through the whole novel in one sitting and by the time I got to the end I felt like the entire cast had changed.

  8. I would like to Thank the Author and Translators and Editors for bring this Novel on Board. 9_^

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