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[Sekaimo v1] Epilogue. Reaching out to her hand :: Siyoung

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“Ahhh, my poor Heimlich!”

Izabel is in her mansion, chuckling as she reads the message from the Blackhazel.

The content is simple. For the blatant challenge of authority against the Blackhazel family master and her position, execution of Heimlich Milbas Blackhazel is announced.

Even at the news of death of her only brother, she feels no sadness.

No, as a matter of fact, this was the best scenario for what she was planning.

‘A sister angered at the death of her only brother.’

A cause like that couldn’t be more perfect to earn everyone’s sympathy and support.

And even if it was called a blatant challenge of authority against the Blackhazel family master, the incident has many parts that wouldn’t be judged exactly favourable by the Blackhazel family members.

“It’s unlike you to display a weakness like this, Maria-san.”

The two causes she was intending from the beginning were now in her grasp.

A cause that even the Blackhazel family members would understand if she voiced her complaint to the family master. A manifesto that would be enough to reanimated the rusted gears in this triangle.

A cause so valuable, that the death of her brother would be nothing of consequence.


And two weeks flew by.

The train they were in was racing through a plain covered in snow.

And this train was the Blackhazel-controlled exclusive train heading directly to the Sweden medical department agency. Well, let’s just say it was Blackhazel-scale.

“Dorothy, that girl. I wonder how she’s doing.”

I nonchalantly think about her face.

Maria responds back in a rather sharp tone, voicing her confusion.

“My, Onii-sama. It’s only been two days since Dorothy was admitted. Don’t you think you’re overdramatic?”



I was just trying to get myself in the mood by trying to act tragically caring for a moment, I guess.

“Ahaha, well that, I just felt a little jumpy since I’ve been just sitting here for so long…”

*Rattle rattle*

The train’s sensual bumps are transmitted to my body.

Past the long tunnel in the mountain across the border, a brilliant scenery like the ones from the texts of Snow Country came into view.

The base of the night whitened. It was something along that line.

Not that I
’m Shimamura, but it’s all good.

And so, the train stops near the medical agency, and we get onto the helicopter waiting for us to finish our journey.

But Dorothy
, that girl. By the way she was telling me things, she was so sure a tumor was nothing

To be honest, I don’t know if it’s because I’m a layman when it comes medical knowledge, but it’s true that I’m quite worried.

“You seemed to be worried about Dorothy?”

And to add, this girl Maria
is a ghost who can read other people.

“Hmm? Ahaha, maybe a bit…”

Entering the medical department agency covered in cream-colored wallpaper, I scratch my head in response.

“Well, even if you tell me it’s nothing
, maybe it’s because I’m not that smart, but isn’t a tumor something to be worried about whether you’re a clone or not?”

“Not really.

“Not at all.”

“Hey, I know you guys are
saying it’s really fine, but I’m a bit worried to be hone… Huh?”

I think there’s a spy among us.

Dorothy is already by our side, dressed in a
hospital gown.

Maybe everyone in this family’s a ghost, and everyone comes as a ghost set or something.

So I would be something like the protagonist getting possessed by the ghost like in those old horror movies.

Er, I have no idea what I’m talking about now.

“Oi you,
normal patients don’t zip around the hospital like this.”

Entering the lobby of the medical department, I give Dorothy’s head a little nudge.


But you know what? I think I acted really
mature just now, and I did it as if it’s nothing like how water flows naturally.
As proof of that, isn’t Dorothy not putting on the reaction she usually puts up?

It must be that I’ve grown up a bit from the stuff that happened ‘before’.

Though this brat will stay the kid she is right now, never hitting puberty.

Isn’t that so?

a…. That was me laughing when suddenly,


Something crushed down my foot.


“You, I don’t like the way you’re staring.”

“Oww, that reason doesn’t even make sense!”

“I don’t like the way you’re talking back.”

Double hit.

“And that unkempt posture you’re in.”

Triple hit.

With a spectacular finish, my head crashes into the lobby floor just like that.

And my so-called bodyguard named Lily does nothing but keep her distance and look dully at me in silence.

“You! If you’re supposed to be my bodyguard, then shouldn’t you do something before I get beaten to death?”

With my neck bent 90 degrees, I look up to Lily and voice my complaint.


In response is Lily’s snickering.


If I think about it, then maybe nothing has really changed.

“Are you guys just trolling me right now?!”



Perhaps it was unnecessary for me confirm it, since I already knew that much. But still, it’s a little sad hearing it directly from them.

Was it because she couldn’t bear the sight of me being torn apart by the two? Eventually, Maria joins in to say her share.

“Both of you, do not speak too harshly of Onii-sama.”

Nice artillery support.

With just her joining in, Maria’s influence turns the tide of the war in a blink of an eye; that’s how overwhelming she is.

It’s overpowering. If I could use an analogy, it’d be like when the U.S. joined World War II, as a response to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Hiding behind her back with my eyes full of expectation, I root for Maria and her words.

“His table manners are indeed disastrous. He certainly doesn’t have a single ounce of elegance as a Blackhazel. And it is true that half of his blood is that of the inferior Yellow race. Even then… He is our one and only Onii-sama!”

Oh my, such encouraging words they are!


“Maria, I never thought you’d be mean to me as well!”

Like a seven-year-old kid running away from a bully, I run into my room with tears streaming down with my face; I feel like something this has happened before, as my déjà vu reminds me.

Whoo, I really don’t think I can keep up being a Blackhazel.

But it’s not like I have a choice.

It’s my fate to get chewed up like this.

It’s because…

I’m their one and only ‘


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