Sunday, 21 July 2013

Post AVCON Write Up

Before anyone makes the AVCON=Adults Video convention comment, I would like to make it clear that it stands for Anime and Video Games Convention.
Now, it’s been a week since AVCON, and I must say that I really enjoyed it. This was the first Anime convention I’ve ever been to, and I wasn’t really expecting anything. So maybe I was impressed at the convention due to my low expectations. 
I don’t know what other conventions are like, so I can’t really compare, but every moment of it was exciting. Things kicked off on the Friday night with an opening ceremony, followed by the screening of the third Evangelion movie (subbed, thank god). 
There were some guests there at the con, but I’ve never heard of them, so I won’t really say much. We had Spike Spencer, Jessica Nigri and Chris Cason.
One thing I was slightly disappointed about was the lack of things they had at the stalls. They sold manga, anime DVDs and BRs, but I didn’t see any light novels. Not a single copy. But oh well, no one likes to read LNs I suppose. 
Now, the highlight of AVCON was the afterparty. The afterparty was brilliant. I met some really cool people such as the product manager at Madman AU and some bunch of people who ran AVCON. Who doesn’t love a good drink after a weekend of anime-related fun, right?
Anyway, that’s it for my write up (if this can be called that) and I’ll definitely go again next year. And just a shout out to Dazza and Kirra, whom I hung around with at the con. Kirra won the Volunteer of the Year, so congrats to her as well. Dazza is an Anime Reviewing guy YouTube, so check out his channel or something. 

I'll get back to translating now ;_;


  1. what is this convention and where is it?

    1. I should've mentioned that. Derp.

      Adelaide, Australia

  2. the only light novel that is english translated that i have is "Is this a zombie?" volume 1 after seeing it in a bookstore, so i was pretty surprised to hear none was present there :3

  3. Wait, Is This a Zombie LN is in English? In print? I don't think it's licensed...

  4. I find the lack of LNs amusing since they are the source material for nearly all new anime in recent years. The eroge well dried up and now its on to novels. IMO the novel versions are always better because of the details. They always oversimplify and leave out details in a print to video adaptation, often times excessively.

    To be fair, anime is not the only genre to be doing this. Hollywood is just as guilty with novels and comic book heroes.

    I do remember a short period of time when some LNs did get some official translations, but I don't think it got too terribly far before the just found that the demand just wasn't there.


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