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[Dawnbringer v1] 10. Madness

Don't get your feathers in a ruffle. Also, Luise is actually Lezirth's secret wife. /jk

Translator: Junnynam
Editor: MadTix & Masadeer

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Everything happened in an instant.

Diablo threw a kick at the four Master-classes, and the four Alter-Armours dispersed to avoid the attack.

Of course, Diablo’s kick was powerful enough to destroy Alter-Armours without actually landing a physical hit. However, the Master quartet produced a barrier to lessen the shockwaves and avoided any serious damage from Diablo’s kick.


—Kishin Arts! Lightning Fire Piercing Fist!

Diablo’s fist extended at the quartet with unbelievable speed and angle and hit one of the Master-class Armours. A barrier was not enough to protect from this attack.

The Master-class machine shattered with that single attack as a beam of light tore through its body, and into outer space.

That attack just now, Lightning Fire Piercing Fist, was also one of Dawnbringer’s attacks! But, that was not at a level of mere imitation. Diablo shouldn’t be able to pull of that kind of a Lightning Fire Piercing Fist, even if Diablo and Dawnbringer were similar.

The Diablo pilot was still relatively new to Alter-Armour piloting. But he could mimic Dawnbringer’s attacks to that level!

Damn it! That bastard! Are you looking down on the Dawnbringer? Give me my Dawnbringer! I’ll make his Kishin Arts look amateurish!

Ah, I’m so mad. But it’s not like Dawnbringer would just drop out of the sky simply because I was losing my cool.

Let us analyze this situation critically. The Master quartet was literally playing around with the Black Tyrant, with ease up until just now. That was because the great difference between piloting skills outweighed the Alter-Armours’ abilities.

Then why was the quartet being driven into a corner right now?

That was because the Kishin’s ability increased unbelievably.

[N-No way! How can this be?!]

[Has he been hiding his true strength?]

The pilots’ voices of despair leaked over the terminals. If the quartet loses, then there won’t be any others who would be able to fight against the Kishin Diablo. Everyone on this battlefield will lose hope and die!

[We should’ve retreated while we still had the chance! We’re all gonna die at this rate!]

[No, we still would’ve died if one of those attacks hit the rescue ship.]

[At least we could’ve had some chance of escaping! Now we’re all done for!]

Everyone began to panic, seeing Diablo’s overpowered form.

The quartet, with a machine down, continued to weave in and out of Diablo’s attacks and fight back. However, avoiding the attacks proved to be difficult due to Diablo’s increased speed.

One of the attacking Master-classes turned towards Diablo’s armpit area hidden behind its cape.


But it was too late. A translucent, rainbow-coloured arm suddenly emerged from Diablo’s armpit. The arm, resembling the scythe of a praying mantis, extended and cut the Alter-Armour down in a blink of an eye.

A Master-class Alter-Armour had terrific defence, but the attack was unstoppable! The Alter-Armour was cut in half and fell towards the ground instantly. The remaining two Armours, as well as many other soldiers attacking from the ground, lost all hope.

[This is the end!]

The scythe-like arm from Diablo’s armpit rose and tried to swing down in an arc. If that attack hits, then everyone on the ground will die!


But suddenly, Diablo stopped, and the pilot’s screams echoed out.

[Uuuuu… no!]

The Diablo’s pilot screamed, and the Federation Alter-Armours seized the opportunity and commenced their attacks again.

But Diablo swung its arm out of reflex and scratched the Alter-Armours. Its claws instantly ripped off a Master-class’ head.


And a kick followed, ripping right into its neck. The Master-class Alter-Armour was destroyed in an instant.

The remaining Alter-Armour tried to draw closer, but Diablo swung a kick at it without even looking. A powerful energy explosion followed the kick and blew the clouds away. The heavens shook and the Alter-Armour disintegrated in an instant.

The pilot’s action was nothing like before and almost beast-like.

[It hurts!]

—It hurts!

The pilot’s screams and Diablo’s thoughts rang out at the same time.

Wait, what? What’s going on? I’ve lived my life with Kishin Dawnbringer as its pilot for a long time, but I have never witnessed a situation like this before.

There was research conducted a long time ago that stated that Alter-Armours do not feel pain when damaged, because there are no nerves in its structure. But the Alter-Armour was thinking that it hurts?

Or did the pilot’s thoughts echo out via Diablo’s?

[H-Humans! Run away! I cannot control it!]

The pilot inside the Diablo screamed. He really didn’t want to kill the miners, did he?

Diablo, on the other hand, didn’t seem to share the same agenda as its pilot, because it was dishing out its attacks in all directions. The Alter-Armour swung its scythe at everything that dared to approach it.

Space itself began to rip and the shockwaves from the Diablo caused plasma storms in the sky, fiery storms on the ground, and tsunamis at sea.

It was out of control like it wanted to destroy the planet itself.

It was squeezing out every drop of his strength like an ill patient struggling.

The Alter-Armours of the Ursa Major Brigade were blown off their feet like loose leaves and crumbled.

The Diablo wasn’t destroying the Alter-Armours on purpose. It was simply trying to release its pent-up energy, and the Alter-Armours just happened to be in its way.

[Everyone! Get away as far as you can from the Diablo! We must survive!]

Ensign Meihowa gave the order and began to protect the soldiers by using the Spider as a barrier.

The navy men of the Ursa Major Brigade also followed what she was doing, and began to transport the miners and the soldiers by using the remaining Alter-Armours as a barrier.

We all took refuge in the jungle, away from the rampaging Diablo.


The sun set on Azoran-3. Even so, the sky was still well lit-up by the fierce fires.

Diablo was still rampaging.

When the Diablo spread out its arms and released its energy, incredible amounts of energy spat out towards the poles of this planet. Air ionized and hyperspace began to form. The sight of the red line spreading across the sky resembled the sky splitting in half.

Diablo’s horn began to release black electric volts and the volts ran along the line of hyperspace created by its outstretched arms. The volts fell towards the ground as it travelled.

All lands under the line running from the South Pole to the North Pole… were struck by the lightning. Flora burned up and the land shook. Pillars of fire protruded towards the sky and smoke continued to puff out endlessly.

Was the Black Tyrant really going to destroy everything on Azoran-3?! Everything on Azoran-3 will be destroyed in 12 hours at the earliest, and 24 hours at the latest.

The apocalyptic scene scared the living daylights out of the surviving soldiers.

“We’re not the only ones surprised. Even the Elcros are retreating.”

Admiral Luise spoke as she inspected the situation with her Clairvoyance. Diablo the Black Tyrant’s rampage was something also unexpected to the Alliance.

The rescue team of the Ursa Major Brigade that was in outer space had retreated because of the Diablo.

The rescue mission had failed. And to make things worse, we couldn’t even surrender to the Alliance now. No-one would be able to approach Azoran-3 as long as the Kishin Diablo was rampaging.

“B-But we have the Federation Kishins!”

“We can be rescued for sure if the Ursa Major steps in!”

There were a few soldiers who tried to stay positive, but they didn’t seem to be very convinced by their own words, because they were trembling in fear.

The Fourth Platoon was receiving the messages via Ensign Meihowa, but the mining base and Ursa Major survivors had no way of receiving any messages. They were trying to understand the situation by listening to public broadcasts, but only news that would make them despair even more was being broadcasted at the moment.

The TV broadcast was reporting the news of the Federation and the Alliance fighting in the Oden system and that the rescue operation in the Azoran system had failed, and that rescue operation forces were retreating.

“Oh my god!”

“Are they abandoning us?!”

“No way!”

Complaints broke out from the soldiers. The Oden system was owned by the Elcro, but it was also a solar system that the Federation highly valued.

The news had reported that the Federation and the Alliance were fighting in that solar system.

Omertà the Shadowlord.

Arc-razor the Space Cutter.

Minerva the Erudite.

Saika the Brilliant God of Thunder.

Ginnungagap the Satan of the Abyss.
All five of the mentioned Kishins of the Alliance appeared in the Oden system and warred with the Federation, while the Federation sent their own Kishins.

Wolfschewein the Grey Tempest

Ladyhawk the Unparalleled Celerity.

Swangrace the Guardian Angel.

As well as Ursa Major the Violet Emperor, who should’ve been in the Azoran system!

All four of the Federation Kishins, that had a chance of stopping the rampaging Diablo, were in a different solar system.

Hence, we cannot escape the Azoran system— even when the rampaging Diablo was going to destroy Azoran-3 in less than 24 hours.


After having dinner with some simple rations, I began to warm up.

The Federation and the Alliance. Which side should I pick?

That question continued to confuse me. However, there was only one thing that I had to do for now.

—I have to stop Diablo’s rampage.

Although I did not possess great strength, I was the only one who could stop Diablo’s rampage.

But suddenly, I heard something.

[Lezirth, could you come to me?]

Admiral Luise called me first.

What did she want, I wonder?

I went to where she had called me to. Sergeant Aroha and Admiral Luise were waiting for me, slightly away from the downcast soldiers and on top of a small boulder in the mangrove jungle.

Admiral Luise chose not to face me, but still addressed me with her back turned.

“Lezirth, you plan to fight Diablo, don’t you?”

She’d already predicted what I was going to do. I nodded my head.


“I would like to ask of you not to do anything stupid, but you won’t listen, would you?”

Her voice was quivering. Her shoulders also shivered like her voice.

I instantly thought of hugging her and supporting her, but I decided against it. The only way of supporting her was not to show kind gestures, but rather give up on defeating the Diablo.

I smiled bitterly instead of answering.

“The enemy’s strength is unprecedented. I cannot allow you to step into action without understanding its powers.”


“But you would still go, wouldn’t you, Lezirth? Because… that’s exactly what you did 120 years ago as well.”

120 years ago. She was talking about none other than the final battle of the Letix War, the battle in the Atlantic Solar System.

I also ignored her warnings and stepped into the final battle.

It was the war where the Children of Letix died one by one. And only two Kishin-class pilots remained in the end.

There were 8 Kishins left, but only two of them could be manoeuvred—the Dawnbringer that led the attack at the front, and the Tetragrammaton that supported the war with long distance attacks at the back.

She insisted against me going after seeing our siblings die out, telling me to wait until new Kishin-class pilots could be found. That the war will end on a safer note when the other six Kishin pilots could be found…

However, the Letix were already growing by absorbing energy and minerals from other stars, while the Kishin-class pilots were being nurtured. And hundreds of thousands of soldiers had to die to buy time for the pilots.

I liked my subordinates, and the people whom I worked with.

They loved to play cards and used up their money until their credit card balance hit rock bottom before their pay day. Some of them loved to get into fights on the internet forums and such.

However, they were the true heroes. People hailed me as a war hero, but I was nothing but a fake. I was born in a lab and I was genetically closer to a Letix, not a human.

I had to be on the battlefield because there was nowhere else I would be recognised for who I am. But they were different.

They had loved ones to return to, and to protect. They were people who could always run away, but they sacrificed themselves by my side during that battle.

I didn’t want their deaths to be in vain.

I wanted to continue to protect the world that they loved.

I couldn’t let the hundreds of thousands of deaths be in vain just for my safety.

So I made her cry. I went against Admiral Luise’s orders and challenged the Letix Uberlord.

“You betrayed me once. No, you betrayed me many times.”

Admiral Luise’s body was shaking. She was crying.

“I’m sorry.”

I extended my hand and wiped away her tears. But once again, I had to betray her. She must’ve known that I would, because she clung onto my chest even tighter.

I hugged her back.

“If something happens to you now, 120 years in the future… I will be the only remaining person of our time, Lezirth. Why can’t you understand me?”

“I… just have to not die. Do you really think I will be killed by a child like him? I am Lezirth Dawnbringer, the Commander of Dawn Corps.”

I laughed. That’s right. The enemy was weak. The way it rampaged was nothing compared to the enemies I once faced off against.

But I didn’t have my Dawnbringer with me right now!

But I have to laugh. The least I could do right now, was to put on a tough act before the girl who was afraid of losing me.

Because I’ve already done this many, many times before!


I felt a slight headache and could suddenly hear someone whispering in my ear.

‘Lezirth… don’t abandon me. I’ve waited for you. A lot longer than you think.’

I felt dizzy all of a sudden. What’s going on? I looked up in surprise. Admiral Luise was looking at me with moist eyes.

“I don’t want to be betrayed by you any longer. So Lezirth, I will let you go willingly.”


“There is Dawnbringer inside that Diablo.”

She said that with a matter-of-fact tone. I couldn’t help but to be surprised.

Admiral Luise’s specialities were Telepathy and Clairvoyance.

And these skills were as dangerous as teleporting.

Since the hyperspace creatures were so large and big, people thought of them as some sort of demonic fiends, but some hyperspace creatures could be seen in the third dimension, like one would be able to see a dot or a line.

And some creatures shone in the third dimension, so they could only be detected by electronic waves.

The giant hyperspace creatures that could be physically seen were called Demons and the miniscule virus-type, or DNA-stranded forms of hyperspace creatures were called Devils.

Teleport users could easily be detected by the Demons, while the Telepathy users could easily be detected by the Devils. And being detected usually resulted in the user’s death.

Hence, there were two general rules for a powerful Telepathy user.

The first was to never use their telepathic abilities on strong Alter-Armours, such as the Kishins or any other Demons.

The second was to never use their telepathic abilities on rampaging people.

Those two were the ground rules.

Rampaging people attracted Devil-type hyperspace creatures, and could infect the telepathy user with its powers when a connection is made.

But in this case, it was a Kishin on a rampage! Studying it with telepathy or clairvoyance was far too dangerous. It was suicidal!

However, Admiral Luise’s eyes were shining. She had forcefully connected herself to the Diablo with her powers and was analyzing the situation!

“Stop! What are you doing! Don’t do that! You’ll die like this!”

I tried to stop Admiral Luise, but she shook her head in refusal.

“You didn’t listen to me either! So Lezirth!”

At that moment, a drop of blood fell from her nose. But she continued to look at me with a stern expression.

“Currently, the Dawnbringer has been split up into pieces and some of it is in Diablo, as some sort of a strengthening part. The pilot joined the Dawnbringer’s part with Diablo when he was driven into a corner, and that was why the Diablo felt pain. Diablo began to rampage like an ill patient because of the Dawnbringer’s piece.”


“Don’t worry. I… have a device that will naturally cut off my brain if I become possessed by the Devil… so I won’t be leaving an effect on this dimension.”

“That’s not what I mean! Luise!”

“Unfortunately… I cannot actually fight without the Tetragrammaton. All I can do is collect the information and assist Lezirth with it.”

Admiral Luise smiled.

“So I will let you go, Lezirth. Please, save Diablo and Dawnbringer, as well as our friends stuck on this planet. That way, I won’t be betrayed by you.”

She weakly smiled and stroked my face with her hand.

I felt her hand and hugged her tight. Her body felt cool compared to the hot weather, but I could feel her temperature rising.

The life support system built in to the uniform activated because of the sudden rise in temperature.


“The Lezirth I see before me… is the Commander of Dawn Corps, and the bravest and the strongest of all men. The world may not know it, but I...”

She closed her eyes before finishing her sentence.

N-No… no way.

—Emergency life support system mode. Activated.

That message was displayed on her uniform.

I suddenly teared up.

Am I going to be only one left in this future?! I wouldn’t be able to bear it if Admiral Luise disappears. This universe felt so empty and lonely all of a sudden.

“Ah… no. This is….”

I blankly looked at Admiral Luise.

Sergeant Aroha slowly approached Admiral Luise and checked her pulse.

“Hmm… Lezirth.”


I hid my face with my hand from her. I was ashamed to show her that I was crying. No, it would definitely be shameful for a sergeant to see me, the Commander of Dawn Corps, crying.

But right now, I was… I couldn’t… keep my composure…

Why did she risk her life? Did she risk her life because I was about to fight the enemy without any information?

Just to increase my chances of winning ever so slightly? She risked dying for me just to raise my chances of winning?!

I’m not worth it!

Like she said, I betrayed her.

I failed to save her from that research centre! I abandoned her and stepped onto the battlefield!

But now I finally realized something with her death. She was my sibling, and my partner! She was born only days apart from me and lived for the same period of time, and even now, 120 years in the future!

She was so precious to me… I can’t lose her like this.

Suddenly, Sergeant Aroha raised her hand and slapped my cheek.

“Hey, listen carefully to what I’m about to say. It’s very important, so listen carefully!”


“Luise Maynard is….”


“Just sleeping.”



When I looked, Admiral Luise was indeed asleep. But what about the life support system?

“The life support system probably accidently switched itself on after her biorhythm fell so low, and also because of the sudden rise in temperature. Aside from that, she’s fine.”

Sergeant Aroha said that and flashed a smile at me.

“Sorry for hitting you. Oh, look, she’s just entered into REM sleep. Isn’t she sleeping well?”


“Look, she’s breathing and everything.”

Indeed, Admiral Luise was sleeping while breathing softly.

“Mm, Lezirth. Heh heh, you’re mine.”

I didn’t know what she was dreaming about, but she said my name while moving around.

The way she rolled around was so lovely; I couldn’t help but to laugh. Sergeant Aroha snickered.

“You two are so weird. What did you get all emotional about anyway?”

“N-No… that’s… hmm. I, geez, heh heh.”

Tsk. H-How embarrassing. But it was Sergeant Aroha who couldn’t understand, because she wasn’t a psychic user. She doesn’t know the great risks involved in the use of psychic abilities. Hmph!


Sergeant Aroha kneeled on the floor and rested Admiral Luise’s head on her lap.

“Then I’ll be looking after her.”


“You have something to do, don’t you? Get going.”

“Ah, that’s right. I should go.”

“But don’t teleport. The Ursa Major Brigade is with us after all. Didn’t you say you had to hide your identity?”

“… That’s right.”

“And come here.”

She motioned me to come with her finger. When I approached her without thinking too deeply into it, she told me to come a bit closer.

She pointed at Admiral Luise’s ear. I wonder if something went in there.

As soon as I bowed my head to see what was going on, Sergeant Aroha hugged my neck.

“Urpp. What do you want? Sergeant Aroha?”

“Well, you know. I just wanted to hug the legendary war hero. Maybe I have what it takes to be a groupie.”

Wasn’t a groupie one of those people who chased after rock bands or famous celebrities? What’s gotten into her to say that?

“I’m starting to think you are actually the real Lezirth Dawnbringer.”

“Ha, and who’s the one who wouldn’t believe me, no matter how much I told you guys.”

I smiled and waved my hand at Sergeant Aroha.

“Then Sergeant, just be waiting for me with a joyful heart. I will show you exactly why Lezirth Dawnbringer is a legendary war hero.”


I inspected the situation via the military computer. Some drones deployed by the Ursa Major Brigade were still active, so I was able to see the Diablo rampaging.

But there certainly was something wrong with the Diablo at the moment. It’s strong, energetic attacks were no more, and Diablo was walking around like a drunkard.

It seemed like Admiral Luise had done something with the Dawnbringer piece sleeping inside the Diablo to aid me.

However, the Ursa Major Brigade was the problem. My Teleportation ability alone was ranked SSS. If they happen to witness me, the Federation might begin their crackdown and I might be revealed to the ones who put me in cold sleep.

Well, even if the ones who put me in cold sleep were gone, and only the empty Federation remained, I didn’t want to show off my abilities.

‘But I hope we could stay together in the same platoon.’

That was what Ensign Meihowa said. With Admiral Luise, Sergeant Aroha… and Pencolt too, I suppose? Anyhow, I really liked this platoon.

If my abilities are revealed, then Admiral Luise and the platoon and I would be torn apart. I had to hide my abilities to prevent that.

Then that means I either have to walk, or use a vehicle like a car or a bike…

While I was having those thoughts, someone riding a bike stopped in front of me. The bike was a two-wheeled bike, with carbon nanotube frames and a battery holder for the power.

The Thorium battery in the battery holder was sufficient enough to drive this bike for 120 years without stopping. The light and trustworthy Thorium batteries were compatible with all Federation equipment.

It was fairly clear that these were long lasting, because only the appearance has changed since 120 years ago.

“Where are you going, Lezirth?”

Riding the bike was a silver-haired half-Elcro girl. Ensign Meihowa looked at me from the bike.

“I’m just going to borrow your Alter-Armour.”

“Then I will go with you as well. I locked it with my authority when I hid it in the sea, so you wouldn’t be able to unlock it without me. You won’t be able to turn it on either. Unless you can hack into the military computers like Luise.”

“It’ll be dangerous.”

“It won’t be the first time being in danger.”

Ensign Meihowa took out an instructor’s baton and tapped the seat behind her.

Hmm… wouldn’t it be better for a man, such as me, to drive?

The thought crossed my mind, but it wasn’t something that I could easily say.

I sat behind her without a complaint and grabbed the rear seat’s frame with my hands.

“You can put your hands around my waist. We can go faster like that.”

W-Will that be okay?

I shyly scratched the tip of my nose.

“I’ll be hugging you from the back, you know?”

“Ah! I-It’s not like I like it. But it’s an urgent situation right now, isn’t it?”

“It… is an urgent situation.”

“Then why don’t you ride without holding onto anything and fly off and bump into a tree? It can be your new training. If you don’t like that, then you must put your hands around me. It’s okay! I am your senior and Lezirth, you’re just my subordinate!”

“I suppose. Now isn’t the time to waste time by being embarrassed.”

I breathed in deeply and slowly put my hands around her waist. She felt soft and tender. I would be touching her breasts if I move my hands up a bit further, wouldn’t I? I need to be careful so I don’t do that.

But it really is embarrassing to be riding like this. I was hugging her so tight that my chest, stomach and my private parts were stuck closely to her back and butt.

My heart was beating unbelievably fast even though I was only hugging her without saying a thing. The fast heartbeat made my neck and ears itch.

The sound of my heartbeat echoed against my eardrums like roaring thunder. I could hear my heartbeat ever so loudly even though Meihowa was driving the bike at full speed.

The electric bike was far too quiet. I should strike up a conversation to get my mind off things.

And the first thing I thought of to break that ice was… something rather ridiculous.

“Um… Meihowa, your abs must be clearly visible. I can tell by the feel of them.”

Damn! What am I saying? Why was that the first thing I said...

“Th-That’s because I am a soldier. I-It’s only obvious. B-But it doesn’t have the distinct lines like males’ six-packs…. Hnyaa.”

My face instantly turned red. I could feel Meihowa being slightly surprised.

When I faced straight ahead without turning my head… I could see Meihowa wings. Her wings fluttered in the wind and they felt slightly weird when they touched my face.

Hmm… how should I say this? They felt boneless and muscular? Or something quite tense and stringy seemed to comprise her wings.

Without thinking too deeply into it, I rested my face on her wings just out of curiosity.

Hmm, there were no bones, but they felt soft and tender when I pressed against them. So this was why she was fine with resting her back against the chairs or laying on beds.

The mystery has been solved!

But while I was happy about my find, something happened.


Hmm? Didn’t I just hear a weird sound? I swear I heard that strange noise even against the rushing winds.

“D-Don’t do that! At least not while I’m driving! I know I said I would allow you to touch them, but now is not the time!”

“Hmm? Are you ticklish?”

I loosened my hand and touched one of her wings slightly. When I did, she yelled again.

“Stop it! I’m not ticklish!”

“Then what?”

“No, the thing is… it’s not ticklish. It doesn’t hurt and it’s not supposed to feel anything, but…”

She was going nowhere with her explanations. Seeing her like that was so interesting that I had to touch her wings again.

She certainly didn’t appear to be ticklish or in pain. Then what about if I lightly brush her wing with my fingers?

“Hiing…. Sniff. G-Geez, I’m telling you that’s dangerous!”

“Ah… S-Sorry.”

I suppose my teasing went over the line. I hugged her waist again. Maybe it was just my imagination, but she felt hotter than before.


My breathing also became coarse. I wanted to hug her tighter. No. I actually wanted to...

Wait, no, I can’t do that!

I desperately dispelled my animal-like instinct. The fact of the matter is, Ensign Meihowa was giving me a ride, and I cannot show those physical reactions in return. I’d rather force myself to teleport instead.

“Ensign Meihowa! I’d rather…”

But since I was tightly hugging her back, her wing came into my mouth without me meaning to as I opened it to talk.

Then she screamed. She lost control and the bike flew after hitting some obstacle on the ground.

“Damn! This wasn’t what I planned!”

I used my psychic powers to catch her and the bike from the fall. The bike was approximately 70kgs while Ensign Meihowa was….

I’ll be skipping the details to protect her privacy.

I jogged to a slow stop while keeping up that weight with my powers. Ensign Meihowa started to kick and struggle and hit me.

“I told you not to do that! Lezirth! You idiot! You Greenie!”

“No, that was a mistake… I’m sorry.”

Her punches were powerful considering she was a female, but that was to be expected because she was a soldier. I put up a barrier with my powers to defend myself and I put her down.

“Well, at least we’re nearly there.”


She straightened up her helmet and started to operate the military computer.

The Alter-Armour hiding under the sea reacted to her actions and rose up. It must’ve had a tough time under the sea because of Diablo’s rampages before, because it was plastered with seaweed all over its body.

Despite the ordinary armour coating and the metal outer gauntlets, it resembled an insect or a crustacean.

But it also resembled a medieval knight with a set of armour; as expected of an Alter-Armour from the Dawnbringer line. I suppose one could say that it shared some features that were unique to hand-to-hand combat types.

However, the problem was that this Alter-Armour was far too small compared to the Kishin Dawnbringer, or the Kishin Diablo—the enemy it must face.

“It’s really small now that I see it.”

The Minion-class Alter-Armour was really small compared to the Kishin-class Diablo. This Alter-Armour didn’t even measure up to a single Diablo’s limb, and their weapons were beyond comparison.

“Are you really going to try… with this?”

“Admiral Luise woke up the Dawnbringer inside Diablo. If I can crack Diablo’s outer armour even slightly, I can get Dawnbringer out from that gap. This is an opportunity that Admiral Luise created while even risking her own life. I cannot let that go to waste.”

“Dawnbringer? Are you saying that the Dawnbringer is inside Diablo right now?”

“Yes. That’s why the Diablo rampaged like that.”

“How do you know that? That’s…”

“I’ve told you before, right? I’m Lezirth Dawnbringer.”

After replying, I jumped up to the Alter-Armour’s cockpit in a single leap. Ensign Meihowa climbed up using the rope hanging down from the cockpit.

“It’s amazing you could cover this distance with a jump.”

She opened the cockpit door. The door was placed on the machine’s lower abdomen and into the chest of the machine. However, it was quite a squeeze for Ensign Meihowa and I.

“I can’t pass on the register key to you. Because you have to be at least a Sergeant to be an Alter-Armour pilot.”

“Then we’ll go tandem mode.”

Ensign Meihowa fiddled with the military computer and set the machine on tandem mode at my request.

I sat on the pilot’s seat first and looked at her. Ensign Meihowa’s face quickly became red.

“D-Do I… have to sit on you?”

“This is the only way to go tandem in a Minion-class… it can’t be helped, can it?”

And it was even worse in a small cockpit like this.

“M-My wings.”


“Promise me you won’t touch my wings! Lezirth!”

She glared at me suspiciously.

“O-Of course. That just now was an accident. I did it out of my will at first, but the last one was an accident!”

“I-If you say so! Fine. I’ll believe you! Aroha said that I should never trust a man who says ‘you trust me, right babe’ but Lezirth! I can trust you because you didn’t say ‘you trust me, right babe’, right?!”

She grudgingly sat on my lap. I could see her white neck through her hair. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the sight that I subconsciously muttered out.

“How pretty.”


Ensign Meihowa suddenly lowered her head. Her neck and her ears began to get rosy.

“What d-did you say?”

“I-I just said it’s pretty nice to be riding in an Alter-Armour after such a long time.”

I feigned innocence and she sighed in relief.

“A-Anyhow, just don’t touch my wings. Got it?”

“Yes, I got it.”

I nodded my head. Ensign Meihowa’s body felt so good against my own, but I had other things to concentrate on for now.

“It’s been so long since I rode an Alter-Armour.”

“But I wonder if the Alter-Armour would operate on tandem when the gauging machine reset itself continuously the other day.”

Ensign Meihowa seemed to be worried, but when I concentrated, the Minion-class Alter-Armour awoke.


The Alter-Armour began to move with a powerful mechanical whirl. Ensign Meihowa was amazed at what was happening.

“Oh my goodness! What is with the figure? I can’t believe it!”

“Now then, shall we fetch what we need?”

“You have something that you need? Ah, equipment? Ammunition?”

“That too… but I need some energy-gel, atropine and adrenaline.”

“Huh? Is it because you’re hungry? I’ve got some energy-gel… but atropine and adrenaline?”

Ensign Meihowa tilted her head, puzzled. She was so lovely, turning around to look at me while seated on my lap. Damn it, I can’t lose myself here.

“Hmm, well you’ll see why.”

I manoeuvred the Alter-Armour and headed to the jungle near the mining base, because there were some energy-gel, atropine and adrenaline that we left there when we fled in a hurry. I can supply myself there.

And that was where Diablo would be waiting for us.


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