Thursday, 3 October 2013


In lieu of the usual status sidebar (Blogger went fubar), here is a post with the status of our projects.

Onii-Ai v04
- KTL/JTL wanted!

Sekaimo v2
Kalkin says he has time this weekend to work on it.

Clotaku Club! v2
Prologue - Editing
ch01 - TL (%)

Four Lovers v1
ch04 - Editing
Side - Editing
ch05 - TL

Famima! v2
ch04 - TL (0%)

Dawnbringer v1
ch08 - 13/10/2013
ch09 - 20/10/2013
ch10 - 27/10/2013
ch11 - 03/11/2013
ch12 - 10/11/2013
Author's Notes - 17/11/2013

QKK v1


  1. Nice of you to inform your plan. Weekly, dawnbringer tls. that is awesome. I just wish you wait until all of the volume is translated to post it. I mean i can come back when all of them is translated to read but the temptation is too much. :)

  2. Thank you for posting this I was worried you had stopped all translations or something. Really it is a relief since I love reading all your novels so thank you for translating.

  3. I miss Sekai ichiban Imouto , can you find other translator before the main translator can recover himself ?

  4. Frankly, the one I most interested currently is Dawnbringer. So it's nice to see it become weekly. It's fine if the other stalled :3
    Hopefully you can find TL for Sekai imo though. It's already finished so it's kinda sad if it's dropped

    1. Please keep in mind that Dawnbringer is only weekly until vol1 is over (only because I've completed translating volume 1).

      From volume 2, I have no idea how frequently I'll release chapters

    2. Thank you so much, at least there is something to look forward for the next few weeks.

    3. Just wondering but if you have already finished translating them why not releasing all of them at once? Editing perhaps?

    4. Because if we release dawnbringer vol1 all at once, you'll get nothing from me for the next 2 months because of school

    5. no matter which way it is released I am still thankful you would translate for other people to read.

  5. Afterword-7 days lol

  6. will qkk be released here? I'm curious since there is no release info

  7. This is great! Now you won't have as many people screaming "UPDATE!" or "when is next update???" or "Hurry it up, we want updates!". If only ignorance and stupid comments around the world were this easy to solve....

    1. Actually, there's always been a side bar with the status of every project, but ppl kept screaming UPDATE anyway XD

  8. Don't forget, we're still looking for an Onii-ai translator.


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