Tuesday, 26 November 2013

[Clotaku Club! v2] 0. Prologue

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Translator: Narane
Editor: MadTix 
Temporary Editor: Foodpenguin 

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Hey, this might sound like a strange question, but...

Let's say, after school, if you saw a guy bolting out of the class without a single 'goodbye' exchanged with any of his classmates, what would you think of him?

If you saw him trying to slip out of others' sight with much difficulty, ineffectively pretending like he had some important business by himself, what then?

What if he snuck around the halls on his tippy-toes? And what if he hid inside the infirmary without a single sign of injury or disease?

Pick an appropriate quote from below:

1) Right now, your job is to stop Metal G**r!
2) [HDCAM]_afterschool_amateurs_in_school_infirmary__XViD-CC.avi
3) Hag*nai: I Don't Have Many Friends

The third answer? Right, that would be the closest response; you'd go, 'Wow, what kind of loser is that, choosing to be alone after school? I bet he doesn't have any friends!'

Unfortunately, our world has very little to do with stealth-adventure games, or visual novels with cute girls to conquer, and so the realistic response is to label the guy as a sociopath who avoids, and gets avoided by, his classmates.

He disappears after school before anyone notices! He's careful to not meet anyone who'd recognize him! He runs off to the infirmary so he doesn't have to be in class!

No matter how you see it, this kid can only be described by the word 'loser'.

Only a few months ago, that kid was me.

But those days were long past; I began a new life at my new school with a new attitude. I would go insane if I were to experience those old times again.

Having to avoid contact with my classmates, or hiding away at the infirmary just to get away from people-- those terrible memories from the final years at my old middle school had begun to fade away, ever since my transfer to the ever-famous Eunsung Middle School. Now, as a student of Eunsung High School, I had almost forgotten that I had ever been involved in such unfortunate times.

There was no one in this school who would remember me by my old, pitiful self, and my peaceful life at Eunsung would surely continue forever-...

...Or so I had foolishly believed.

It all began in that one ordinary day...


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