Wednesday, 22 January 2014

[News] DMCA Take-down Notifications

Dear readers,

This post is to inform you that our blog received two take-down notifications today. The posts in question—the main pages for Four Lovers Vol. 1 and Clotaku Club Vol. 1—have been reset by the Blogger Team and will remain so until further notice. Since the said C&D notices are yet available online for view, we do not know exactly as to what the infringing content/link was. Rest assured, it is our intention to have the reset posts back up and continue the Korean light novel translation scene. We will pursue to file a counter-claim through compliance and proper procedures if we must.

We will post links to the C&D notices and more information as they come.

Yours truly,


  1. That Guy Who Provides Support22 January 2014 at 18:35

    Good Luck :)

  2. Maybe was it because of the illustrations? Only reason I can think for such specific pages to be targeted...

    Anyway, I wish you guys the best, and hope it ends up well! xD

  3. Good luck with your appeal,
    Thanks for your translation

  4. GOOD LUCK guys hope you succeed on your appeal... and tnx for translating sekaimo ch. 2

  5. Let's hope everything will be all right...

  6. hope it goes well.. good luck

  7. Just the main pages? The man is losing his touch.

  8. Gl guys. Is it perhaps a term used there that copyright infringes? e.g. saying something like Gundam. Idk cuz i don't read either. Just an idea tho.

  9. wish best of luck and hope you win the appeal. I agree with Kira0802, that maybe it the pictures.

    anyway gl, guys and girls?

  10. I wants me Dawnbringer!

    /asshole leecher

    Seriously though, DMCA? Some publication decided to translate those LNs? As if!

  11. Would love to read the first volume but I can't find it anywhere, someone can direct me to a PDF or a MOBI? Thanks.


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