Wednesday, 6 August 2014

August 2014 KLNs

Releases are happening! I hope you haven't already given up on waiting for them. As long as you don't expect the release frequency to be on par with Dawnbringer Volume 1, I think we can all end up as winners on this one.

But until then, (late) KLN news!

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August 2014

New releases: Title: 사월화 리버스 (Dead Moon Flower - Rebirh)
Author: 아웰 (Awel)
Artist: NEAN  
Publisher: Seed Novel

The protagonist, on his way back home from a part time job at night, unfortunately gets killed by a squid-like monster that drains souls. A girl shows up in time to kill the monster and revive the protagonist back to life. Even more unfortunately, the revive process doesn't go smoothly, and his body ends up being trapped in a tiny body made out of aluminum foil.

Pre-Read Thoughts:
One of the pre-order bonuses is a roll of aluminum foil. Really...
Title: 몇 살이 좋아? (How Old Would You Like Me?)
Author: 섬마을김씨 (Kim from an Island Village)
Artist: Yuran
Publisher: Novel Engine

The protagonist and his childhood friend have grown apart over time. One day, however, his childhood friend appears to him from two different timelines; the 14 year old version, back when the two were still good friends; and the 22 year old version, who claims to have married with the protagonist sometime in the future. With their appearance, the protagonist's relationship in the present advance further.

Pre-Read Thoughts:
Does it qualify as a harem of all three girls are actually the same girl?

Post-Read Low-Quality B&W Image:
Double deluxe. Title: 모애모애 조선유학 (Moe Moe Study of Chosun)
Author: 이지환 (Lee Jihwan)
Artist: 솜즈
Publisher: Seed Novel

Delayed release. There was a controversy around the way they applied moe personification on a historically well-known Korean scholar; half of the reactions involved people thinking it as a disgrace to Korea, while the other half worried that other people will think that it's a disgrace to Korea. Ultimately, Seed Novel apologized and promised to not use any real names... which seems to just mean that they'll change a single letter around.

tl;dr It's Hetalia all over again!

...Some murder mystery? With a lot of jokes involving breast sizes?

Pre-Read Thoughts:

Sequels: Title: 검술학교의 연애사정 5 (The Love Problems of a Swordsmanship School Vol. 5)
Author: elle
Artist: cocorip
Publisher: Novel Engine

The protagonist's first plan to prepare for the Machine Cult's attack is to speed up the recovery of his dying mother. In the process, the story shifts to his mother's adventures in her youthful times; back when she was a hot-blooded, violent girl instead of a calm, loving mother.

Pre-Read Thoughts:
Blatant Coca-Cola advertisement in the cover. Title: 기신전기 던브링어 7 - 파트타임 우주해적 (Dawnbringer: etc. etc. Vol. 7 - Part Time Space Pirates)
Author: 홍정훈 (Hong Jung-Hoon)
Artist: Kkuem (Cover art),
철이 (Cheoli; Inside art)
Publisher: Novel Engine

With Aroha's help, Lezirth infiltrates the ranks of one of the five most powerful group of pirates in the galaxy. There, he must further his goals to unite the galaxy and end all wars.

Pre-Read Thoughts:
Release was delayed for a month for unknown reasons, but here it is now. Title: 리벤지 & 레이디 5 (Revenge & Lady Vol. 5)
Author: 나승규 (Na Sungkyu)
Artist: Comet
Publisher: Seed Novel

Final volume.

Premise (For the series):
After losing his girlfriend, family declaring bankruptcy, and losing any hope for the future, all thanks to the actions of the country's most powerful company, the protagonist swears to take revenge and bring the company down. He gets help from an insider and seeks to blackmail the company by taking incriminating pictures of the heir apparent of the company. On the day of his mission, however, he discovers that the heir's little sister is trying to do  the same thing that he's doing.

Pre-Read Thoughts:
Notable for turning a loli heroine into a titty monster in less than a year's worth of canon time. Title: 울티메이트 크로스 4 (Ultimate Cross Vol. 4)
Author: unlock
Artist: Henshako
Publisher: Novel Engine
Final volume.

...Eh, the teaser just says that this is the final volume. Thanks for the summary, I guess...?


Teaser TBD Title: 유랑화사 (The Wandering Artist)
Author: 정연 (Jungyun)
Artist: R. Alnilam
Publisher: Novel Engine POP


Pre-Read Thoughts:
...I know I said I won't include Novel Engine POP because the publisher wanted to consider this brand as books for any ages (as opposed to standard light novels, which mostly target teenagers). But, hey, I guess the format is 100% identical to light novels, anyway. Title: 신이 사라진 세계의 제멋대로 마왕님! 4 (The Unruly Demon Lord in a World Without God Vol. 4)
Author: MOS
Artist: 해인
Publisher: Extreme Novel

The demon lord protagonist gives into his underlings' request that he turn his house into a themed cafe. In the mean time, he finds out that one of the heroines holds the secret as to why demons and angels are coexisting in that world.

Pre-Read Thoughts:
Why do they keep showing off every single illustration from the book in the teaser ad? That can't be good for sales...



  1. Thanks for the updates and for the release news.

  2. Title: 몇 살이 좋아? (How Old Would You Like Me?) lets create a poll on this a supernatual harem or a typical harem?

  3. The Unruly Demon Lord In The World Without God vol 3? I thought it is vol 4?

  4. >Does it qualify as a harem of all three girls are actually the same girl?

    Only if you answer the same for "Does it counts as NTR if the stealer is the same person"

    1. What if the future-you is stealing away your girlfriend?

    2. you forgot to mention the past you XD

      But moving on, that would mean that in the future (based on the supposed laws of time) you would steal your past girlfriend (making her your current). So in the end, she'll still be your girlfriend even if your future self steals her, but you would have to wait until the future to steal her away from your past self. If your past self stole your girlfriend from you, that's another story. That would mean that the current girlfriend was stolen from the future and lost again to the past, resulting in an infinite loop, ending in your losing your girlfriend.

      To recap: future self stealing lets you keep your girlfriend (you just have to wait), past self stealing and you lose your girlfriend.
      Well, that's just in theory. Reality can always suprise you...

  5. Summary of 모애모애 조선유학 seen on aladin:

    "성의 진정한 미(美)를 추구하는 유학(乳學)의 나라, 조선.
    아름다운 가슴의 크기를 둘러싼 수많은 유학자들이 명멸했고
    조선유학은 마침내 ‘거유’로 귀결되는 가슴 벅찬 시대를 맞이했다.
    그 중심에 영의정 송시연이 고귀한 꽃처럼 피어있었다.

    그러던 어느 날. 조선 최고의 거유인 그녀의 가슴,
    아니 목숨을 노린 사건이 일어나는 초유의 상황 발생!
    범인으로 지목당한 몰락한 양반가의 경소설 덕후 소년 노정민.
    “아버지가 빈유파고 제가 덕후라서? 이건 아니잖아요?!”
    자신의 결백과 가슴을 향한 조선유학의 아름다운 이상을 위해!
    한 소년은 모험을 시작한다!

    2013 시드노벨 대상공모전 대상 수상작.
    가슴을 울리는 숨겨진 아름다움의 역사가 바로 여기 있다!"

    holy shit what

  6. wow... everything is nice read :)

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