Friday, 1 April 2016

Me and the Tigress Volume 1: Main

Author: Kanel (카넬)
Illustration: Young-in (영인)

Rangii: "You said I'm pretty! This is the first time I heard that!"

Narae: "I told you to call me when you got back to Seoul."

 Saehee: "I am Saehee, the one who came from the family estate to meet you, young master."

Baduk: "Please pet my head~!"

01. Starting Story
02. Second Story
03. Third Story
| Part 1 | Part 2 |
04. Fourth Story
05. Concluding Story
Author's Notes


  1. Yay, thanks for working on this!

  2. That was cute. Makes me all bubbly feeling. I look forward to more. Thank you.

  3. Not bad! And this place is alive? Great!

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  6. Chapter 2 won't work???

  7. At least Narae clearly has breasts that are below C-cup in the LN. In the manhwa, her boobs are either D or borderline E, yet everyone says she's smaller than a D.

    And Baduk is cuter when she's asking for spankings. (probably because she's an M)

    1. I think the artist is too used to drawing Rangii-sized characters to do that.

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