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[Four Lovers v02] Prologue. Quartic Equation

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Translator: Really Not
Editor: LHI & Ashley June X.

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Have you ever seen what a girl looks like when she comes face-to-face with the women who were four-timing with her boyfriend?

“Yes, I was a bit inattentive to him.”

The girl who spoke was someone who could attract people’s gazes just by sitting still.

More than anything else, her appearance was foreign. She, with her shining hair and transparent, blue eyes, was simply not Asian.

However, the reason she drew people’s attention was not just because she had the looks of a Westerner.

With a translucent black cardigan over a sleeveless one-piece dress, the girl looked pretty much perfect in every way.

“My school has mandatory self-studies after class, so we didn’t even meet on weekdays. We only got together on the weekends. Even then, it wasn’t like we went around on dates.”

Her eyes bore a cold shine like that of transparent ice, and her well-defined lips glistened despite the lack of makeup. They were the kind of facial features that would draw the attention of anyone, men and women alike.

Although her figure was slim, her breasts were not small. Below her slim waist and petite hips, her fair legs stretched in long, clean lines.

And she was displaying that brilliant appearance confidently, without a hint of hesitation.

A girl whose expression, posture, and attitude, as well as everything else, were perfect and dignified.

She was like a “queen.”

“We always met in the library. You all know what he’s like. He studies even on the weekends. So studying in the library together was our concept of a date.”

Despite talking about her lover, her voice carried neither excitement nor shyness.

Her face was so composed that it was hard to tell whether she was talking about her boyfriend or what she had for breakfast today.

“Y-You studied together?!”

The person who shouted was a girl wearing a light pink dress with a floral pattern. She looked to be a model student, but her breasts were on the large side and shook dramatically whenever she moved her body.

“Yes, we often studied together. It’s efficient when you study together after setting a goal for the day. Having said that, I did read other books from time to time since I am not the studying addict that he is.”

“S-Studying with another girl…”

She cringed while hanging her lip. After taking a glance at her breasts, which were deforming under the pressure of her arms, the blonde girl added in a cold voice.

“Of course, we didn’t spend all of our time silently at the desk. We went outside to get some air and talk on breaks. Us both are not really interested in small talk, so we discussed life issues.”

“…Life issues?”

The person who spoke was a girl in a white, lacy dress. She was also blessed with a surreal beauty and slim, long legs, but if the blond girl was proud like a queen, she had the innocence like that of a fragile flower.

“It wasn’t anything grand. We speak the same language, since we know what each other’s values are. We just talked about how we would live in the future, what we want to make a living out of, things like that.”

“So… You talked about your futures…”

She smiled slightly, her eyes narrowed. It was a smile which conveyed a strange sense of will, but the the blonde girl didn’t seem to be fazed.

“Still, our relationship wasn’t that bland. We also ate boxed lunches that I made.”

“Boxed lunches…?”

The person who responded to that word was a girl clad in a simple, flared black dress. Although she looked to be as young as a middle schooler, her expression was firm and her eyes did not shine with charm.

“I didn’t get up early in the morning to cook for my boyfriend - it wasn’t anything nice and warm like that. The library food is cheap but not that great. I didn’t like it, so I made some sandwiches, and I happened to give some to him. Eating together is kind of fun, too.”

“You didn’t just give him a boxed lunch… You ate them together…?”

She murmured while biting her lip, and the girl next to her flinched. The blonde girl was just letting it go in one ear and out the other, though.

“In any case, that’s basically how our relationship is. It’s not passionate, but we are serious about dating, so I don’t want you girls to get the wrong idea.”


The girl in pink shouted while raising her hand like in class.


“Uh, well, then... D, Did you do perverted things with Glasses?!

The other two looked at her with an expression that said “What the hell is she saying…,” and the one who talked realized what she was doing and became flustered.

“N, no, I mean that…”


The person in question looked surprised for a second, but soon brought a cold smile to her lips.

“You, do you want to do perverted stuff with my boyfriend?”


“Or, perhaps, you already have?”

“No no no, no!”

She snickered while looking at the bright red face in front of her.

“Yes… You’re probably desperate to do that stuff with my boyfriend. So you failed even though you thrust those breasts at him?”

“W-W-W-What are you talking about?! That’s nonsense!”

“You seem to be the type who has all the perverted thoughts in the world inside her head while looking like an uninterested model student on the outside. You must have had it hard.”

“I-I mean it isn’t like that! Y-You guys, say something! I’m not like that!”

“Well… Miss Yu Yuyu is…”

“I don’t really feel the need to deny that statement.”


The girl wearing pink, who wanted some support, looked about to cry at the cruel attitude of her friends.

“Well, about the answer to that question.” The blonde girl said, tidying her hair. “Why do I have to answer that?”

“Oh, you can’t answer?”

The one who spoke up was the girl in white.

“If you did it, why don’t you say it? If you are so deeply entwined with Sunbae, we might be able to accept it and back off.”

Of course, she didn’t really mean what she said. Her expression said that she was trying to figure out whether the blonde girl was telling the truth or not from her answer.

“I wouldn’t talk about that with people I have met for the first time today, would I?” The blonde girl would only answer with a cold expression. “You girls, do you talk about those kinds of things with anyone? You’re different from what I thought.”

“That is…”

“Well, I guess you could claim superiority with that when fighting with other girls. But don’t you think that’s kind of rude?”

“So, you don’t want to give us a straight answer.”

“That’s because I don’t need to.”

“…Let’s stop with the useless chatter.” The girl in black spoke. She asked while remaining expressionless. “You, do you like my brother?”

There was a moment of silence at that direct question.

“We are going out like this, so there wouldn’t be no emotions, right?”

“Don’t talk in circles.” She said sternly. “Please answer. Do you like my brother… Ahn Kyeong-hyun, as a man? Do you love him?”


“You can’t answer?”

“I like him. Hence we are going out.”

She shook her head at this light response.

“I don’t think you mean it.”

“Aren’t you expecting a bit too much from a forced confession of love?”

“I can’t believe it.”

She scowled at the girl in front of her with deep, dark eyes.

“I can’t believe the fact that, you are my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Even if you don’t believe it, the truth is the truth.” Without losing her composure, the blonde girl smiled and said, “I am Ahn Kyeong-hyun’s girlfriend. That fact doesn’t change.”

After stating so, she said as if it had just come to her mind,

“I was wondering for a while.” She asked, looking at the three girls in front of her. “Why are you all in dresses? I don’t like it.”

The three looked at each other and showed mixed expressions. One was in a light pink, floral pattern dress, one was in a white, lacy dress, and the other was in a flared, black dress… In any case, they were all dresses.

“Y-You’re also wearing a dress!”

“That’s why it’s more unpleasant.” She, in her black cardigan over her black dress, rose from her seat after replying. “Then, I think we have talked enough. I will be going now.”

“Wait, not yet…”

“Hold on a second.”

Ignoring the calls to stay, she grabbed the arm of a boy who was sitting nervously on a nearby chair.

It was a boy in glasses, wearing a white t-shirt with a landscape print and cotton pants.

“Let’s go, boyfriend.”


“A boyfriend who was going out with other girls, three of them, no less, would best shut up at this point.”

The boy who had his arm grabbed looked around in panic. After gazing at each of the three girls, each of them with their own expression, he raised his voice to the girl who was leading him away.

“W-Where are we going!”

“That’s obvious.” Making a queenlike smile, she whispered to her captured boyfriend. “We are living together from now on. We promised, right?”


Jaran University’s College of Education Affiliated Girls High School, Second Year, Class 5, Student Number 16.

The girl whose looks are outstanding even among the students of the school that is said to have the prettiest girls in the neighborhood.

She is always first in her class in exams. Her schoolwide rank is also always in the single digits.

She is also this year’s student council president. Her outstanding capabilities and charisma lead the entire school.

Her name is known to everyone in the school, as well as those in other schools - she is the “Queen.”

However, no one has heard of her having a boyfriend. Rumor has it that she sometimes declines confessions from boys who attend other schools, but the consensus is that she is simply not interested in dating.

Now, though, she is walking with her arms around a boy.

Leaning her head against him, hugging his arm close to her chest.

Leaving behind the three girls who were going out with him.

From today, she will live together with her “boyfriend.”


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