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[Four Lovers v02] Side. Heroines

Yuyu: Gee, Ka-ryeon. What are we going to do tonight?
Ka-ryeon: The same thing we do every night, Yuyu. Try to take over the world!

...Or not. Anyhow, this side story is a really good read!

Translator: Really Not & Kurosmith (AMA ~MMLCR~ #1)
Editor: Ashley June X. & LHI
Typesetter: Imoutolicious

Please enjoy~

The current time is 9:30 PM.

For the European-style cafe Saint, this time of day would mean wrapping things up and calling it a day. Actually, since there were almost no customers after dinnertime, it could close earlier, but the manager Han Chae-ryeon insists on sticking to the 10:00 PM closing time, so the cafe is open until late into the night. The typical scene consists of the depressed-looking manager sitting alone in an empty store.

But today, surprisingly, there were guests at Saint. Three girls were sitting around the antiquated round table in the corner.

Yu Yuyu, second year at Bigyeong High School.

Han Ka-ryeon, first year at Eunyoung Girls High School.

Ahn Yeon-hee, first year at Jaran University Girls High School.

The three girls were sitting around the round table, an equal distance between each other. There were three cups of coffee, but no one had touched theirs yet.

They were silently exchanging glances, ignoring the manager, who was peeking out occasionally from the changing room.


It was Han Ka-ryeon who broke the long silence.  Yu Yuyu drooped her shoulders with a tense expression, and Ahn Yeon-hee narrowed her eyes and looked closely at Han Ka-ryeon.

After casting a tender smile towards the other two, Han Ka-ryeon said in a calm voice.

“Let us begin the 1st Harem Members Round Table Meeting.”

“Wait!” Yu Yuyu jumped out of her seat. “W-What do you mean by that?!”

“Oh, do you have a problem with the name?”

“I-It’s weird! A harem?!”

“I find it difficult to accept that name as well.” 

Ahn Yeon-hee blurted out, next to the shouting Yu Yuyu. Unlike Yuyu, Yeon-hee was in her seat, expressionless, but her voice was tinged with discomfort.

“If you put it like that, it sounds like my brother is a playboy with girls following him around. Don’t insult him like that.”

“Isn’t it a man’s dream to have a harem?”

“My brother isn’t like that.”

Ahn Yeon-hee responded with piercing eyes, but Han Ka-ryeon only smiled, unfazed.

“Well, names aren’t that important.”

“T-They are!”

“In any case,” said Han Ka-ryeon, putting her hands on the table as if to signal that the conversation would be moving on, “we have gathered today to finish the 0th… the talk we were having on Friday evening.”

Hearing this, Yu Yuyu looked nervous. Ahn Yeon-hee’s expression did not change, but she shifted against the back of her chair.

“T-The talk we had on Friday evening…”

“Yes, about the date.” Han Ka-ryeon nodded, looking at Yu Yuyu who was sitting down again. “Last Friday, we asked Sunbae… Ahn Kyeong-hyun for a date.”

Last Friday.

After the ruckus concerning Ahn Kyeong-hyun’s amnesia and the girlfriends and all, he and the three girls gathered at this cafe. The false relationships were dissolved after the truths were revealed, but the three girls’ obsession for Ahn Kyeong-hyun only grew deeper.

But there was no way he could have realized that. It would be wrong to expect some wits from someone for whom studying is life itself, but because he went through such complicated, lie-ridden events, he had an even more twisted view of the girls’ thoughts.

So the three demanded that Ahn Kyeong-hyun go out on a date with them, so they could hold on to the boy that just didn’t seem to be able to look through their hearts.

“J-Just to make it clear!” Yu Yuyu raised her voice. “It was me who asked him first!”

“Who was first isn’t everything,” Ahn Yeon-hee shot coldly. “What matters is whether he accepted.”

“In the end, Sunbae didn’t.”

“The same goes for you two!”


Ahn Kyeong-hyun did not accept a single date from the three girls.

It’s obvious, though. For him, studying is the most enjoyable thing in the world. There can be no bigger pleasure.

To fool around with girls on the golden weekends would be blasphemy in Ahn Kyeong-hyun’s world. Of course, he did say that the time he spent with the three girls wasn’t bad, but putting time aside for them on the weekend was a different story.

What’s more, Ahn Kyeong-hyun didn’t understand why he needed to go out with the girls, in fact, he didn’t understand why they were asking him in the first place. He even said, “If you want to have fun, have fun together. You’ve all become friends, right?” The three girls were feeling despondent at this point.

“But I coaxed him into sparing some time for us this Saturday.”

What the girls asked for was for a date on the day right after last Saturday. However, Ahn Kyeong-hyun adamantly refused.

His reasoning was that, since he gave up on recovering his memory through having a relationship, he needed to study even harder to make up for the time he lost. More than now.

So I have to make study plans, I have no time to fool around with you all… was what Ahn Kyeong-hyun said.

Han Ka-ryeon was the one who coaxed Ahn Kyeong-hyun with all sorts of words. Eventually, she succeeded in convincing him to spend some time with them on the next weekend this saturday..

“But will he really set aside time on Saturday?”


“My brother didn’t even give us a straight answer. He might have forgotten about it all and be thinking, ‘Should I go to the library on Saturday?’ or something.”

Ahn Yeon-hee’s attitude was callous.

She didn’t even have a reason to want a date with Ahn Kyeong-hyun, anyway. She lived under the same roof as him and didn’t really need to make time on weekends to be with him.

“I’m planning to speak with him about that while working. I couldn’t today, because I was busy.”



“What were you busy doing? W-Were you seducing Glasses again?”


Looking at Yu Yuyu’s desperate expression, Han Ka-ryeon made a mischievous smile.

“Is there a problem with me seducing Sunbae?”

“There is! Everyone knows now that you’re not his girlfriend! You’re not his fiancee!” Yu Yuyu said in an agitated tone. “It’s wrong to s-sexually tempt him or anything when you two aren’t like that!”

“Look here, Miss Yu Yuyu.”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Then Miss Uu Uu-uu.”

“Those are moaning sounds!”

“Then Miss Eeu Eeu-eeu.”

“Those are also moaning sounds!”

“Then Miss Ah Ah-ah.”

“You’re making it more wrong! Stop it!”

“I think Miss Yuyu has the wrong idea here.” Making a bitter smile at the angry Yu Yuyu, Han Ka-ryeon said with a composed voice.

“Don’t call me Yu Yuyu! ...Oh, my mistake.”

“Even if we’re not dating, isn’t it my free will to seduce him?”

“W-What are you talking about?”

“Actually, I’m doing this because I’m not dating him…” Han Ka-ryeon said with a curious smile. “Haven’t you also tried to seduce him last week? With those significant breasts of yours.”

“W-What are you saying?!” Yu Yuyu covered her chest with a red face. “I-I have never done such a thing!”

“Really? Have you never pressed your body against him, giving him an earnest look?”


Han Ka-ryeon continued while Yu Yuyu looked away.

“I need to coax him because we aren’t in a relationship now. To give him the idea that I’m a woman. Of course, if everything works out and and we do that, that’s good, too.”

“D-Do that…”

“Of course, I shouldn’t do that with a person who can be cool about sleeping together once, but Sunbae isn’t that kind of person. If he lays his hands on me once, he’ll go out with me seriously, even if it’s just because of his sense of responsibility.”

“I-Is that your purpose? To make Glasses lay his hands on you, and use that to become his actual fiancee and marry him eventually…”

“Oh my,” said Han Ka-ryeon with a grin on her face, “that is something I wouldn’t refuse, but that’s too calculating. My heart is pure, you know?”

“Pure? Did you just say pure?”

“Yes, I am pure,” Han Ka-ryeon said in a soft voice, putting her hands on her chest, “I really do want to do those things with Sunbae.”


Yu Yuyu swallowed her breath.

“Y-You, how could you say that….”

“I don’t want to hide it or anything,” Han Ka-ryeon said nonchalantly, while Yu Yuyu’s face turned bright red.

“For a girl to say such a thing…”

“Aren’t women and men the same? It’s natural to want that with a person you think is the one.”


“How about you? Haven’t you had any thoughts like that about Sunbae?”

“I… Not like…”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Keep being platonic with him. I’ll be erotic and all, and I’ll make him fall for me.”

“N-No! I’ll do it too!”

Yu Yuyu exclaimed without thinking, and Han Ka-ryeon made a mischievous grin.

“And how are you going to carry that out?”

“Eh?! W-Well…” Caught short, Yu Yuyu peered down at her own body. “S-So, to make Ahn Kyeong-hyun aroused…”

“You’re going to do something with your breasts?”


Yu Yuyu touched her own chest with shaking hands. When her fingers reached, her sizeable breasts shook slightly.


“N-No! I’m not going to say anything like this!”

Han Ka-ryeon smiled at Yuyu, who came to her senses and was shaking her head left and right. She must have been pleased that Yu Yuyu was acting as she wanted to.

Of course, amidst all this, they were actually speaking in a quiet voice. The manager, Han Chae-ryeon, was listening, even though Han Ka-ryeon banished her to the changing room. If she knew that her little sister was talking about luring boys or having such desires…

“...I can’t listen to this anymore,” Ahn Yeon-hee, who was keeping silent, began to speak. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want you girls in heat near my brother.”

“Oh, don’t you have any feelings like that towards him?”

“I don’t,” Ahn Yeon-hee said coldly. “Are you mad? We might be related by blood - there’s no way I would want to do that.”

“Hello, look who’s talking. Right? Don’t you remember what we did last week? Don’t you?”

“That was then, and this is now.”

She answered adamantly.

“It is true that I went a bit out of control because I thought I might lose him to you two. I caused him a lot of trouble because of that, and I’m reflecting on myself.”

Ahn Yeon-hee said collectedly, her hands folded on her lap.

“So I won’t do anything weird from now on. He must have been really stressed out by what I did to him last week. From now on, I’ll support him as his little sister… his obedient little sister.”

Her voice did not carry a single hint of deceit. She was really reflecting and making a resolution for the future.

“What if Sunbae gets a girlfriend?”

“If she doesn’t suit my brother, I’ll be against it, of course. But if I think she’s an okay person for him, I’ll give them my blessing.”

“Y-Yeon-hee, how about we become friends from now on? I’ll be really good to…”


Yu Yuyu tried to strike up a conversation, but Ahn Yeon-hee didn’t even look at her.

“If it is found that my brother and I do not share a drop of blood.”

Ahn Yeon-hee raised her head.

Looking ahead with clear eyes, she said in an unwavering voice.

“Then, it must be me who is with him.”

Neither Yu Yuyu nor Han Ka-ryeon could say anything at that earnest voice.

They could only look at her with a stiff look, their lips shut.

“And to make this clear,” Ahn Yeon-hee said coldly to the girls who were looking at her, “I don’t think either of you suit my brother. Whatever your feelings are towards him, I can’t allow it. Not a relationship or even flirting.”

“But you don’t have a say in those matters,” Han Ka-ryeon spoke up again. “We’re free to approach Sunbae if we want. Even though you’re his sister, you have no right to stop us from doing anything. It’s also Sunbae’s freedom to choose to accept us.”

“I know. But,” Ahn Yeon-hee said again in the cold voice, “I won’t allow it.”

Hearing this, Han Ka-ryeon let out a sigh, as if she was stressed out.

At that moment, Yu Yuyu, who was quiet until now, raised her hand and said,

“B-But, if Yeon-hee came to this meeting, that means you’re thinking about the date, right?”

Ahn Yeon-hee sighed quietly at this question.

“...Even if I can’t accept you two, it’s hard for me to stop you from approaching him. Of course, if I really pester him, he won’t even look at you, but he won’t feel comfortable doing that. I don’t want that.”

Ahn Yeon-hee said clearly.

“But I have no intention of letting you girls do as you wish. Including the date. If what you want is to go around with him by yourselves and advance your plans, I won’t let that happen so easily. So I’ll follow you, if you’re going to go on a date with him.”

Han Ka-ryeon, who was listening, rested her chin on her hands and grinned.

“Even if you say that, you actually want to go on a warm date with your brother, right?”

“...Don’t make me laugh.”

Ahn Yeon-hee replied indifferently.

But one could see that her ears were slightly red upon close examination.

“Okay, then…”

Han Ka-ryeon nodded as if she had the answer and raised her index finger.

“Let’s discuss time allocations.”

“Time allocations?”

“Don’t tell me that you want to go around with all of us together?”

Han Ka-ryeon explained to Yu Yuyu, who looked confused.

“It’s a date, after all, so we should spend some time one-to-one. If all four of us move together, that’s not a date, that’s just playing around.”

“T-That’s true…”

“So let’s divide our time. We should split the date into three.”

She now raised two more fingers.

“When we spoke last time, Sunbae said that he didn’t want to spend the entire day even if he did actually go out on the date. So our dates won’t be long, realistically speaking. So having lunch, going to the movies, having some coffee… A normal date like that should be fine. I’m thinking about six hours, from twelve to six.”


“Yes, that would mean about two hours per person. We’re going to spend those two hours merrily with Sunbae, and when the time ends, we’re going to hand him over to the next person without resistance. Absolutely no messing around when it isn’t your time.”

Han Ka-ryeon continued to explain brightly.

“So we’re going to split Saturday’s time in three and go out on our dates.”

She raised three fingers.

“Lunch, from twelve to two.”

The first person would have lunch with him.

“A movie, from two to four.”

The second person would see a movie with him.

“A cafe, from four to six.”

The third person would have coffee with him.

“If we allocate our time like this, we’ll be able to have Sunbae without each other’s interruption. It’ll be the perfect date.”

“R-Right…” Yu Yuyu nodded, looking impressed. “B-But, are we going to have lunch for two hours?”

“Of course, you can do whatever you want if you have time left over. The same goes for any other time slot.”

“Oh, so it works like that…” Yu Yuyu made a thoughtful expression after listening to Han Ka-ryeon’s explanation. “Lunch, the movies, and coffee together… Hmm, I really want to do all three with Glasses, but even if I could do just one…”

“Wait,” Ahn Yeon-hee suddenly opened her mouth. “Don’t you remember what I said? I have no intention of allowing you to be alone with my brother.”

“But if we do this, you’ll be able to go out on a date with him, too, just the two of you.”

“That’s pathetic,” Ahn Yeon-hee sighed. “Oppa and I are family. We go out together all the time.”

“But that’s just as family, as a little sister, right? If we go out together like this, on a date, maybe he’ll feel the mood and start thinking about you as a girl.”


Ahn Yeon-hee didn’t say anything, but one could tell that she was having some inner conflicts by looking at her tightly closed fists.

“Well then, let’s divide the time as we just discussed. How about we pick who does what by rock-paper-scissors, or drawing straws?”

“...I haven’t agreed yet.” Ahn Yeon-hee shot sharply, but Han Ka-ryeon wasn’t listening.

“Wait,” Yu Yuyu raised her hand high, “when the last person’s date ends… What happens at six o’clock? Do we just end it there?”

“About that…” Han Ka-ryeon thought for a moment before replying. “Let’s leave that for Sunbae to decide.”

“Glasses’ decision…?”

“If Sunbae says that he wants to go home and study, we should end it there. But if he wants something more… That’s the bonus stage. We’ll have to see to know for sure.”

“T-Then we should make him happy on our dates, right? So Glasses would want to keep going!” Yu Yuyu said with an excited look. “R-Right. I’ll search on the internet after I go home… Making boys happy on dates…”

“A question,” Ahn Yeon-hee spoke up. “If you’re assigned the last time slot… What are you going to do?”

“I’ll lure him into having dinner with me and I’ll take him somewhere we can rest” Han Ka-ryeon replied with a light smile.

“Somewhere you can rest?! Where are you going, and what are you going to do there?!”

“...Yes,” Ahn Yeon-hee’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve decided. I’ll have the last slot. I’ll have coffee with him, and I’ll head home as soon as the clock strikes six.”

Yu Yuyu flinched at her fierce look, but Han Ka-ryeon smiled, looking unfazed.

“And you’ll say, ‘Oppa, I think I sweated too much today. How about we have shower together…?’ or something like that?”

“Don’t treat me like a brocon pervert. Family showering together, how could you say such a…” Ahn Yeon-hee suddenly stopped talking and looked lost in thought. “...Yes, we took a bath together, so a shower isn’t really out of the question.”

“H-Hey? What did you just say? What did you say?” Yu Yuyu tried desperately to make her talk, but Ahn Yeon-hee simply nodded with her eyes closed. “Y-You guys are weird! Why does it have to go straight to that after a date!”

“Then what will Miss Yuyu do, if you can keep having Sunbae after six?”

“Me? W-Well, that is…”

Yu Yuyu looked down. Her expression started to show embarrassment, and she rubbed the table with her finger.

“O-Of course, we’ll have dinner, since it’s that time of the day. I’ll have to decide based on what we had for lunch, but I’d like a restaurant with a good atmosphere…”

“What about after dinner?”

“I think I’ll be fine with just walking around… Looking at stuff, talking…”

“Maybe you’ll do some eye-shopping at an accessory stand.”

“Yes, if I’m looking at something I like, Glasses would say, ‘I am buying this for you since we’re on a date.’ Hehe…”

“And you’ll miss the last bus while doing that.”

“Yeah, and when Glasses makes a troubled face, I’ll lean slightly on him and look up, saying, ‘I… don’t want to go home today.’ And I’ll, with Glasses, hehehe…”

Yu Yuyu was blabbering happily, but when she saw Han Ka-ryeon and Ahn Yeon-hee’s faces, she realized what she was saying and stopped moving.

“N-No! This is just talk, a delusion. No, wishful thinking, no, that’s…”

“It’s okay, we understand. The desire that fills you heart, we know…”

“It ends with lust… Whatever you do, it always ends with lust, you perverted woman.”

“P-Perverted?! N-No! I’m not perverted!”

“Well, let’s see. If we say that a normal highschool girl is 10 on the perversion scale and a normal highschool boy is 20, Miss Yu Yuyu would score about 40…”

“Level 40?! Four times a normal girl, and twice a normal boy?! That’s not true! What’s this based on!”

“I can tell just by looking. Miss Yuyu is the type to sit at school and study, with an ‘I don’t care about those kind of things’ expression, but actually has all kinds of perverted thoughts all day…”

“N, No, I’m not… Perverted delusions, I don’t have those that often…”

“How pathetic.”

Yu Yuyu with the crying face, Han Ka-ryeon on the teasing side, and Ahn Yeon-hee who is sighing.

It looked as if they were friends playing around. If someone who didn’t know looked, it would seem as if they were close friends teasing each other.

“Then, let’s decide with rock-paper-scissors. Who will have lunch, see a movie, and have coffee, the winner decides first.”

“Okay. For your reference, I’ll go with scissors.”

“M-Messing with my mind?! W-What should I do…”

But among the three, a sense of rivalry that did not allow any of them to stand down existed.

Yu Yuyu, Han Ka-ryeon, and Ahn Yeon-hee, none of them ever yielded to any of the other two. They negotiated, since if things favored one person too much, the other two would strongly resist, but each one of them took what they wanted.

The war was continuing. It seemed peaceful on the surface, but a cold war persisted.

A cup of coffee was in front of each person, as if to prove that.

Coffee that was cold and never even touched.

Of course, none of them could even imagine that a new, formidable aggressor would soon enter this silent war.


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