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[Sekaimo v2] Ⅰ ½. Maria :: She is the law

What an epic prologue to the most controversial volume of Sekaimo. Kudos to Kalkin for his awesome job!

Translators: Kalkin
Proofreaders: Imoutolicious

Please enjoy.

“Thank you for coming out all this way, master.”

Twelve towering desks resembling gravestones were surrounding the Latin girl with honey-blonde hair. The formation resembled something of a Panopticon construction with the way it encircled around.

House of Representatives, Washington D.C, USA. Located within the walls was a confidential hearing in progress by the Congress.

“Usually, an issue like this is left to our Bandersnatch representative, but I assume there exists a reason for there to be a need to call me out here.”

There was no trace of hesitance or nervousness to be felt from the girl from the situation she was in.

Eyebrows arcing like the crescent moon. Below, her beautiful prominent heterochromatic eyes of gold and azure glowed with a mystic shine.

Her twin-colored glare seemed to pierce even the deepest of truths.

She was none other than the 《Princess of Darkness》.

The one-and-only master of Romania’s multi-corporation military company, the Blackhazel family. The highest esteemed decision-maker of the multi-national private military company, Bandersnatch; responsible and influential over all militaristic conflicts that takes place on this earth.

Unmatched by no one else in this world, she was the ultimate authoritarian, possessing power matched by none that existed.

For those of common life, her story would mean nothing more than a legend, an urban myth - something that had no relevance to their life like a ‘novel’, but to those gathered in this hearing, it was a different story.

United States of America: commonly referred to as the central axis of international politics. And present here were none other than the masterminds behind the operation, those belonging in the major parties. Ignoring the position and power they had, they were none other than ones intertwined in this ‘novel’, along with her; there was no way they would be hoodwinked by this seventeen-year-old girl’s angel-like appearance to forget about the cruel persona that lied underneath her.

“As you know, I am a very busy person. If you have brought me all the way out here for a reason not important enough, then I hope you will be prepared to accept the consequences.”

This was not the way hearings usually progressed.

“WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).”

“Speak, Senator Laura Falkner.”

The woman seated on the furthest right coughed a few times and carefully began speaking.

“About 58 hours ago from present time, we received word from our ‘ghost’ that there was a large amount of plutonium being processed by the Bandersnatch-owned weapon research facility located in the Middle East.”

“Is that so.”

The girl showed no reaction other than shaking her shoulders in curiosity, displaying ignorance.

“This is a blatant violation of the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) and a clear disregard for the international laws! In response to this, we, the people of the United States of America, request an immediate and effective action by the Bandersnatch.”

“Ah…♪ I am regretfully sorry to inform you that I cannot offer you a better explanation for this issue.”

“Do you deny this accusation?”

“But as you know, we the Bandersnatch is a law-abiding corporation that respects the laws set by the UNMOVIC, and about that matter, I believe Kaufman was happy to provide us with his full support…”

Putting her emphasis at the “law-abiding corporation” part, the girl’s face glistened with a malicious smile.

“Kaufman, that damned Bandersnatch puppet…!”

“Please do not think of making excuses now. The fact that Bandersnatch has violated an international treaty and are in the process of creating a tactical nuke has already been confirmed by our ‘ghost’.”

“It is also a serious violation against the international treaty to utilize an unregistered military force without approval. Using such means to expose such dubiously-obtained information that hasn’t been publicized, how do you even dare to put me on the chopping board of the international treaty?

“This has nothing to do with the regulations set by the UN! It is only so because this is no place to talk about legality or illegality of this matter. Even more than that, it is obvious this is a blatant challenge against the balance set by the ‘Libra’!”

“Hmph. For a lowly bunch of Jewish dogs lumbering about the throne of authority, that name must come to your mouth so familiar.”

And at that moment, the girl’s eyes shone with a cold light, enveloped with impatience.

The cruelty perhaps seen when a royalty came face-to-face with a servant.

Her overwhelming presence overshadowed over everything with absolute force, as if a balloon was expanding before them.

“By the way, Senator Laura Falkner.”

The awkward silence was broken by the girl’s addressing.

Encased within her calm endeavor, was a chilling aura glistening like a well-sharpened blade, coiled like a snake poised to strike.

“Joanne Falkner. Nine years old. Currently enrolled in a private school in the state of Virginia. Suffering from nasal allergy. No further relevant information. Kuku, a beautiful daughter, isn’t she?”

In what meaning did she take that as? In a sudden, the face of the woman called Laura Falkner contorted in unspeakable terror.

“And Senator John McCarthy.”


“I hear you are planning on running as a candidate in the Democratic Party in the upcoming election, surely you would not want to risk ending your political by getting involved in some petty scandal over those actresses?”


The girl was in full control.

In contrast to the girl’s stark poker face, the congress’s face paled with terror as she announced their name one by one. The scene invoked the illusion of the girl transforming as the grim reaper, about to sentence their life into either death or salvation.

The House of Representative, once full of murmuring, now was instead exchanged with freezing silence circling throughout.

“I suppose that matter is closed for discussion now.”

With a light smile, the girl started walking back. Her honey-blonde hair whirled here and there as she seemed to glide with each of her steps.


Perhaps they decided it was not right to let her go like this? One of the members, just before stiffen with terror, stood up and urgently shouted out to her.

“There exists a ‘line’ that is not meant to be crossed! Remember that fact that not even you can be an exception to this rule!”


Was it on point?

The girl’s step, intent on leaving the premise with no hesitance, was now hesitated.

“… A line that not even I can be an exception to, you say.”


“Really, the Congress is full of funny jokes.”

The girl let out a laugh, seemingly entertained, and looked back with a smile on her face.

“But everyone, you are forgetting one important fact.”


Was it just a performance to attract their attention? The girl lightly snapped her finger in midair.

The fulcrum of attention was directed towards her fingers then. Her action was done fluidly, as if it was repeated hundreds of time beforehand to grab the attention on stage.

“… We’re forgetting?”

“Yes. The absolute steel-wrought law, that which must not be crossed, that not even I can be an exception to. In other words, it’s what you have mentioned – precisely about that line.”

Some of the Congress was riddled with incoherence as her confusing, dream-like statement reached them. The honey-blonde-haired girl must have been aware of their confusion, because after a brief pause in her speech, she continued on, her voice resonating with calm tranquil throughout.

“In this world, exists a sole decision-maker with the authority to cross that line, and that is none other than me – Maria Lunalady Blackhazel!”


  1. Thank you,........are they talking about that "line".

  2. The line between acceptable and unacceptable relations between brother and sister... SHE WILL CROSS THAT LINE. XD

    Kinda wondering why this volume is considered the most "controversial". I await something that would prove controversial.

  3. This line.
    You may not cross.
    Unless you're Maria, then do what you want.

  4. I'm sure the big bother is allow to cross that line, or was it Maria. what line or we talking about again. The one between brother and sister where no sibling have gone before. Or the one where Maria blackmail the whole congress of the US into a whip dog. How many line are there? Are there even a line to begin with? Oh the question of the line.

    Anyway thx for new ch.

  5. Oh yeah another one...been waiting for this for forever, thx a lot for the hard work guys

  6. Oh god, if only someone had the courage Maria has to call out our Jew favoring Government. Not that there's anything wrong with he Jewish community, just that our government has become their toy.

  7. Nuclear anti-semitic imouto

  8. Thank you for the releases

  9. Thanks for Translating this. And Thanks for the Editing as well.

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