Tuesday, 2 July 2013

[Famima! v2] Prologo.

My Little Italian Sister Can't Be This Lethal Vol. 2 starts now!

The color illustrations for the volume are here.

Translator: Junnynam
Editor: LHI

Please enjoy~

It was nearly eight o'clock in the morning.

A foreign girl was walking through a housing district.

Her wavy red hair, that was tied back with a hair band, swayed with each step she took.

"...Yes. Everything is going well."[1]

The red haired girl meekly nodded and ended the phone call.

Slipping the mobile phone into the bag hanging from her shoulder, she removed a photograph with her petite fingers.

On the photograph was an image of a blue eyed blonde girl with a refined face.

"...Ku ku ku. Please prepare yourself."

A sinister smile appeared on the red haired girl's face.

But then, a big dog poked its head out from a wired fence facing the town.


The red haired girl's eyes met the dog's.

However, the red haired girl instantly looked away and said with a shrug of her shoulders:

"If you value your life, please get away from here. Even I don't want to put an end to a life meaningle—"


The big dog barked as if to cut her off mid-sentence.


Stepping back in surprise, the girl quickly looked around. After confirming that no one else was in sight, she cleared her throat in embarrassment and spoke to the big dog once more.

"Even I—."

"Woof woof woof!"

The big dog barked at her with great enthusiasm.


Air started escaping the girl's mouth.


"Wha—aaaa! I'm scared of big dogsssss—!"

She yelled like she was suddenly unparalysed.

The big dog wasn't able to chase her as it was stuck inside the fence. Furthermore, if one took a closer look, it was wagging its tail playfully.

The red haired girl took no notice of such things and promptly ran away crying with her hands straight up in the air.


1. This girl talks with a "desu" suffix, so the way she speaks is strange in comparison to the other characters.

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