Tuesday, 17 September 2013

[QKK v1] Prologue

This brand new series is brought to you by our new Korean translator XmAure and editor MadTix

Please give your wholehearted welcome to XmAure, as he will undertake the great challenge of translating this beast of a project. MadTix also, since he's in it for the ride as well. Whooo! Now let's get this epic series started.

Translator: XmAure
Editor: MadTix

Please enjoy~



Heavenly Beings that grew by progressing Science to its limit under the guidance of Gods, who acquired knowledge from the Creator of All Things.

Demons that grew by taking over strong magic under the guidance of Devil Kings, who got power from the Creator of All Things.

Between those two races, humanity barely survived by relying on the technology of the Heavenly Beings, earned through belief, and the magic of Demons, earned through sacrifice.

That is, until the day of the [Science Revolution] in the year A.A. 1728.

By spreading the knowledge about the core of the Heavenly Beings' technology, which is the creation of energy from burning the Worldstone, humans declared independence from both Demons and Heavenly Beings to evolve further. And as technology that only requires a Worldstone as a medium became common in daily life, magic that requires life for power slowly faded away.


  1. wow, the proof of contract and commands are so similar to servant summoning in fate/stay night. still, let the awesomeness begin!

  2. Thanks, it looks like it'll be pretty awesome

  3. thx you for the chapter
    thx u for picking this LN up
    Thx u for translating it
    and keep up with the good work

  4. Amazing!
    Many thanks for translating this, after first reading the review of Queen's Knight Kael I had a feeling QKK would be be interesting to read and the first chapter left no room for disappointments.

    Once again, thank you very much XmAure and MadTix.

  5. Question, what is Yulia shouting to Kael on the backcover of vol 1 ?(I sorta guess Kael is saying "you're only 8 years old?")

  6. Kael is saying something like "yeah, yeah, maybe after 8 years."
    while Yulia complains back saying "It's unfair!" or maybe "'Tis unfair!"

    1. Although I'm not the best at it, I'll typeset this in the evening.
      Btw, the subtitle is "I shall raise you into a man befitting of me!"

  7. Its pretty nice, though not a fan of the "do everything I say"-thing. Didnt expect you guys to do it,
    thank you very much ^__^

  8. Thanks for the translation. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

  9. Thank u thank u thank u

  10. Thank you for the chapter.

  11. Ah, forgot to mention : this is not the end of chapter 1. Im only half-way there :3...

    1. Although it does seem like the end of the chapter I'm kind of glad to hear that.

      Here's to hoping the rest of the chapter will be released really soon.

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