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[Sekaimo v2] Ⅱ. Baekryeon :: Psychopath - /001

Calm before the new imouto. Enjoy this peaceful chapter before things become chaotic again.

Translator: Kalkin

Editor: Diran

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“I’m terribly sorry, sir, but the store is undergoing some maintenance repairs today, and is not currently open.“

Located in England, London, S.K. Brompton Road, we were standing outside Harrods, one of the leading top class department stores in Europe.

Including the members of the Royal family, this department store was visited by Princess Diana even before her death; standing outside the entrance of that Harrods, I was unexpectedly stopped by a security guard who stood in my way.

Today just had to be that day, I suppose.

Damn, and today was the rare occasion this recluse hermit of a family finally took the effort to take a trip outside. Things really weren’t cooperating today.

Left with no choice, I waved my arms to Maria and Dorothy who were walking behind me to signal them what was going on.

“Er, hey Maria? I don’t think they’re open today…”

And from a distance, Maria responded back to me, withdrawing her black umbrella with a smile on her face.

Donning a black veil and a black umbrella upon her face that seemed appropriate for a European princess and wearing a long-hemmed dress on her, Maria’s apparel resembled a traditional lady of the Victorian era.

In contrast, Dorothy was in sleek black jeans, dress shirts, and a necktie. Keeping everything simple and plain was a style of Dorothy as always.

…If there was anything different to her, I would say it would be the layers of bandages wrapped around her head from the double physical injury she had come to unfortunately experience.


And the person responsible for those double physical injuries to her was none other than me, who was also responsible for convincing the Blackhazel to taking a little shopping trip outside.

What I mean to say is, the flat-screen TV that somehow got dislodged from the wall – that happened to restore Dorothy to how she was before – also happened to demolish a sizeable corner of the house collaterally, in the end scheme of things.


While we were planning to go outside to buy some new electronics and furniture for the house, we thought it would also be appropriate to purchase some new clothes for upcoming parties and social gatherings of such. That was the ideal plan.

Well, it doesn’t seem like any of it matters now, since the store is closed for today.

“What do you mean, Onii-sama?”

Maria responded back towards my direction, perhaps unclear as to what I had said to her before.

“Er, so, they’re closed today?”

“We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience our valued customers experienced visiting our store today, and there can be no amount of excuse for this-“

The security guard continued his explanation, bowing his head to us over and over in apology.

“How strange. I'm certain I discussed this with the owner.”

Maria expressed her curiosity to the security guard, and the expression of the guard, in the midst of coming up with a response, froze instantly.

“M-Miss Blackhazel…!?”

He raised his head up in an instant, and looked back and forth between my own and Maria’s face, as if to confirm his theory.

The guard took no less than a second to realize the situation, and opened the door to the department store without the slightest hint of hesitation.

For a first-class store dealing with first-class customers, I guess one would have to think this fast to survive in this world of professional service industry.

At this point, even I could grasp as to what was going on here.

“I am curious about one thing here.”

Mostly coming into understanding with the situation here, I expected Maria to walk straight inside, but for some reason, she stopped her feet and shot a question at the security guard.

“Just whose idea was it to cover up my rental of the department store today with an excuse like maintenance repair?”

“Er, yes? About that, I’m not so sure myself-“

“Following the logic of this free-market age we live in, how is it that the fact those with the appropriate wealth pays the appropriate price for the rental of the department store for themselves has to be disguised and covered up for others less-wealthy, with excuses and blinders – I'm asking the reason as to why.”

Perhaps for someone like Maria, naturally born into royalty, this was a matter of principle that seemed to irk her significantly.

“I feel greatly insulted about this matter. If there is someone in charge here? I would like to speak to-”

“President Blackhazel!”

It was then.

Perhaps someone has gotten the wind that Maria appeared in the store, but a man that looked of middle-eastern heritage darted out hastily from the store’s interior.

“I g-give sincerest apologies for the inconvenience! I’m the owner of this department store, Abdel Al-Fayed at your service!”

I certainly remember someone like him owning Harrods and some soccer team in Britain[1]; I remember he said something about showing the world what real wealth was about. That was a memorable quote.
So, how is it that someone great like him is groveling down to Maria like he’s some newcomer employee?

So, how is it that someone great like him is groveling down to Maria like he’s some newcomer employee?

I guess even a lieutenant-colonel would feel like a private standing next to a general.

Yes, this is the hierarchy of wealth.

I guess the rank between him and her was at a polar opposite.

“Haah, I do suppose it wouldn’t do to ruin the mood for our rare family outing with my flippant mood swing today.”

Maria shook her shoulder in acceptance and stopped dogging anymore for an explanation.

So this is an adult’s relaxation, it seems.

Though the fact that she got worked up over this is because she's still a child

I do think those high in the hierarchy would carry more pride in themselves, no matter how child-like that pride is.

Not that I can understand anything about it.

◇    ◆    ◇

As soon as we entered store, the employees proceeded to stick right by our side in formations, like maids on duty. The sight of this reminded me not of a relationship between an employer and an employee, but of a relationship between master and servant.

The first place we headed to was the greeting room located on the topmost floor.

If we were just going to head right there and not to look anywhere else, then what was the point on renting out the whole store? I asked Maria for an answer.

“It’s to fulfill Onii-sama’s plebeian romance.”

Maria replied back rambunctiously.

If we take what Maria said out of context, then would that mean that Maria is usually not the one to enjoy such pointless extravagance like renting out the entire store?

Well, I won’t be the one to complain if it was true.

The place Maria specially prepared seemed to be filled with world-renowned designers who all commanded priceless authority in the industry. I knew then what Maria meant by ‘let’s buy some a dress or two’ back then.

“Onii-sama, try wearing this one♡”

Maria lightly snapped her fingers and signaled the employees. In a second, I was overtaken by a group of people, dressed and undressed like a fashion model being dragged around.

“Ugh, I knew you were some pervert that was into exhibitionism!”

Dorothy took the time to fling some uncalled for insults my way.

“H-hey! It’s not like I’m doing this because I wan- Ahh!?”

“W-what do you think you’re doing, flaunting your underwear in front of me, you perverted idiot!”

“Wait, wait, wait! I’m not doing this becau- Umph!”

“Hoooo, you, pretty sturdy…?”

I can’t say that being undressed by a bunch of clerks swarming me like ghosts is exactly what I want, but just the mere sight of them watching me was filled with contempt to the core.

“Don't look at me, then!”

“Y-you think I’m watching because I want to!? Hmph!”

“Dorothy, Lily? This is a rare opportunity for us to observe Onii-sama’s inner body! Now, let us use this chance to confirm just what kind of man Onii-sama truly is!”

“B-but… Hau…”

Voicing such complaints seemed not nearly enough for Dorothy to act against Maria, and she turned her eyes to me according to her order.

The sight of her face flushed crimson red and panic accompanying her at every moment did seem to reveal a hidden deviant side to her.

Afte the initial fiasco died down somewhat, I was finally dressed in the suit the designer came up with.

A tuxedo dye in deep magenta and a bow-tie on my neck, the suit carried a classic beauty of contemporary twist.

“As expected! The saying ‘Fashion’s completion lies with Onii-sama’ never ceases to be correct!”

“I think you’ve warped that far too much from what it actually means!”

Thinking that, I decided to settle on these clothes to avoid any more public exhibition that lied in the future for me.

“But this suit, how much is it?”

Even at a time like this, my middle-class mindset blurted out the most obvious thing for an ordinary person to say.

“That, the price is set at fifty thousand dollars, but if it is what children of Blackhazel wants, I can…”

“Yeah, that’s way too hig-“

Just when I was about to add something in response to the uncomfortable number of digits the price tag had,

“Certainly, the price is too low. In lieu of Onii-sama’s grandeur, there is no way we can have him wear something of such abysmal price. If that is the case, next.”

That was the problem!?

There’s something wrong with this!

I really can’t cope with this feeling of being trapped inside a giant game of Barbie dress-‘em-up.

“Now quickly, onto the next outfit!”

“I-if that’s what Onee-sama wants… I, Dorothy, will be keep watching till the end!”

This is progressing towards a direction I really don’t want it to.

Watching the trouble between us unfold from a distance, Lily sighed slowly and uttered her final observation.

“Idiots everywhere…”


It really killed me right down to my spirit to hear her way that, like a dagger digging straight to my heart.


1. TL: Mohamed Al-Fayed owns Harrods, and Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan owns the Manchester City F.C. These two aren’t really related in any way. They however are both very rich.


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