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[Four Lovers v1] Prologue. Cubic Equation

A new project page and prologue for Four Lovers! We suggest you read the teaser first, though.

Also, please take note of these two Korean honorifics: Sunbae and Oppa, which are equivalents to "senpai" and "Onii-san", respectively. As for today's proverb: Two's company, four's a harem.

Much love to Yossarian for the wonderful editing.

Translators: Kurosmith

Proofreaders: Yossarian

Please enjoy.

Have you ever listened to girls talking about their first time before?

Of course, the first time we’re talking about here is not something like staying late after school to study, or drinking for the first time. No, it's meant as it is in a union of body and soul; that kind of first time.

“Y-You see... The first time we did th-that... It was in school…”

The one who spoke those words was the girl in a brown school uniform, sitting on a sofa. She had a round face, large brown eyes, and silky hair that flowed down over her shoulders. Although she had a petite frame, and an impression of a modest model student, her breasts, which made the top of her school uniform rise alluringly, were neither petite nor modest.  Due to her slightly bent posture her breasts were compressed from both sides by her arms, and every time she moved, the contour of her blouse gently ruffled.

“It... It was in the Audiovisual Reference Prep Room, where we often meet up.  Since it’s now like a storage room that nobody uses anymore, we had been studying and talking together in there. And...  You see... At that place…”

Her cheeks flushed pink as though she were embarrassed. Every time she rubbed her knees against each other restlessly, her short skirt began to ride up, exposing her soft, white thighs to a dangerous height.

“We were ki-ki-kissing, but then you suddenly held me tight in your arms. Even though I was surprised, I was a little excited, and before I knew it I was pressing my body against yours. S-So, I think I might have gotten you a-a-aroused.”

For a normal high school boy, it would've been impossible to not react to those breasts pressing against him.

“I was taken aback, but I didn’t d-dislike it, and I was a bit happy, so… I had told you it's okay to touch me if you wanted to, and then after that…”

The pink hue on her face even rose up to her ears.

“Ah, aah! I can’t say any more than this! I'm ending it there!”

After saying that, she lowered her head to her chest. Perhaps embarrassed from her own recollection; the image of her quivering with her eyes closed shut reminded one of a small animal.

“Sunbae... The first time I was embraced by your warmth was at the café where we work together.”

The next one to talk was a pure and elegant girl of a seemingly delicate constitution. As a beautiful girl who would certainly draw the attention of everyone if she were to walk down a street, her clear skin and her long, lightly coloured hair made her seem like a mystical foreigner from some other world. Dressed in a sky-blue uniform, her slim figure was impeccable, and her long, slender legs below her skirt were adorned in a pair of translucent, black stockings.

“That day, we were alone when there was a sudden power outage. Since we couldn't serve customers in the dark, we had closed the café,  and were cleaning up... But halfway through, we had gotten into an argument with each other.”

Unlike the girl that had talked before her, she did not blush. She continued in a mellow voice with a mysterious smile on her lips.

“I ran off into the break room in anger, and you came chasing after me. When I asked you if you really liked me or not, you suddenly forced me against the wall and stole my lips.”

She gently touched her light pink lips.

The precocious allure of the girl, on top of her fragile appearance, created a strange ambiance around her.

“You probably couldn’t control your actions because you were so angry with me, but I was still defiant, and that’s when you got rougher with me.”

She closed her eyes, as though to recall her memories.

“In the end, while I was pinned against the wall, you... Ah! Any further description is dangerous, so I'll stop there. Anyway, that's what happened in my case.”

Brushing her hair behind her ears, she abruptly finished speaking. Even at the very end, she had not blushed even once.

“Oppa... The reason why you had laid your hands on me was because...”

The one to start her story after a few moments of still silence was a girl of small frame and a short, bobbed hairstyle. Although the two girls who spoke before weren't that big themselves, this girl was almost as small as a middle school— no, elementary school student. Her breasts were naturally flat, but she looked great in her black sailor suit school uniform that was quite a rarity in our country.

Even though she had an exceptionally beautiful appearance that provoked one's protective instinct, her expression was stern and her eyes were devoid of coquettishness; anybody could tell that she had a cold personality.

“You had caught me in a state of ecstasy, with my face buried in your underwear that I had just taken out of the washing machine.”

She said it expressionlessly as if it were nothing.

“Since you were always a clean person, they weren’t dirty and they didn't smell bad, but... They still had your scent. That's my secret hobby. Although it was a mistake getting caught by the actual person himself... Looking at the results, you could say that it turned out pretty well in the end.”

Saying those words, she nodded slowly. Swaying, her short black hair brushed delicately against her white cheeks.

“Unable to deal with the embarrassment, I'd made a commotion saying that I'd kill myself, and you frantically tried to calm me down. So I'd said, “Then let me see you in an embarrassing situation, too”.

As soon as those words had left her lips her white cheeks turned slightly pink.

“After I told you to drop your pants, I pushed you down on to the bed while you were helplessly confused, and then I...”

Although she was still expressionless and her voice monotonous, she couldn't hide the slight shade of red on her face. Even so, she tried to continue the story, maintaining her composure.

“W-Wait a second!”

But at that moment someone shouted and stopped her from speaking— it was the girl in the brown uniform that had talked first.

“What do you want, Yu Yuyu?”

“Don't call me that! A-And, you know... Don't you think you've been reading too many weird comic books?!”

Having stood up from the sofa, she shouted at the short-haired girl sitting on the chair across the table.

“There's no way that kind of p-p-perverted situation could happen in real life!”

“Perverted? Weren't you the one who claimed that you did obscene acts in school? That's a public place, you know? I think you're the biggest pervert here. You're number one in the World Pervert Ranking.”

“Number one?! N-No! This girl also said she did it in the café where she works! She should be number one, too!”

Pointing at the girl with long hair sitting beside her, she shouted.

“As the younger sister of the store owner, am I not free to use the place however I like?”

In response to the long-haired girl's rebuttal, the short-haired girl retorted coldly:

“Even so, the fact that you had done that in a place where it wasn't intended for such use is not something to brag about, Han Ka-ryeon. You should have done it at home like me.”

“I don't think that's something a little sister who has a hobby of rummaging through and getting off on her older brother's underwear should be saying. Especially when that little sister had so daringly threatened and assaulted her older brother when she was caught in the act.”

“We're not related by blood, so it's okay.”

“But you have no guarantee that is true. Isn't that right, Miss Yeon-hee?”

“Don't call me by that name without my permission. Are you suggesting that I'm lying?”

“It's an unrealistic story, no matter how you look at it.”

The short-haired girl frowned.

“No, the stories you two have told are unrealistic. It's unbelievable that you’ve done it at school, or at the store where you work.”

“It's true!”

“I've been thinking 'Wow, what a grand delusion for a virgin!' throughout this entire conversation.”

“It's not a d-delusion!”

The girl in the brown school uniform slammed on the table with her hands.

“We r-really did it! We did it even more times even after that!”

“Well, it seems we have a repeat offender; I should call the police right away.”

“We have decided on expulsion.”


On the verge of tears, she looked around her surroundings, and then changed the focus to the long-haired girl.

“Y-You didn't even fight back when he was forcibly assaulting you like that? That's totally like r-rap...”

“He didn't forcibly assault me. It was just that he had an intense desire for me.”

“Th-That's just weird!”

“Isn't it one's personal freedom to date whomever one pleases? And since I'm his fiancée, I was prepared to accept him whenever and wherever he desired me.”

“Fiancée? What fiancée? You're still in your first year of high school.”

“It just means that we're that much more serious about our relationship than other people of our age.”

“Pretty words. In reality, isn't it just taking advantage of him sexually under the pretext of marrying him?”

“A-Anyway, they don't really bother me since I know that they're lies!”

It was when they were raising their voices:


Hearing the sudden voice, the girls closed their mouths.

Then they all turned around to the boy sitting on a chair that he had brought to the table.

“I've listened to your stories closely.”

The boy was wearing a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses. Partly because of his slightly wry face, he looked like he had a temperamental personality. Although he wasn't handsome, he had an intellectual appearance that was able to leave a favourable impression, depending on the person at least.

Looking still at the girls staring at him, he opened his mouth.

“Bigyeong High School, Second Year Class 6, Attendance Number 26, School Rank #2— Yu Yuyu. You said that you did it with your boyfriend at school...”


“First year student at Eunyoung Girls High School, and a part-time employee at café “Saint”— Han Ka-ryeon. You said that you did it with your fiancée at your workplace...”

“That is correct.”

“First year student at an all-girls high school affiliated with the Jaran University College, who lives alone with her older brother— Ahn Yeon-hee. You said that you did it with your older brother, who you're not connected to by blood, at your home...”


After taking a long look at the girls replying with nods, the boy hung his head low.

And then he slowly opened his mouth.

“You're all saying that boy in question is me?”

That voice sounded like a groan coming from beneath the depths of hell.

“Th-That's right, Glasses![1] We're in the same class, remember? I'm the one who is your girlfriend!”

“Sunbae and I fell in love with each other while working together. We were so deeply in love that we promised to get married.”

“Oppa, we crossed that line after it was brought to light that we weren't connected by blood.”

Listening to the clamour of the girls, his hands and feet shook violently.

“So, as if it wasn't enough that was I three-timing, you're all saying that I'm the person that stole your innocence?

As he muttered with a shaky voice, each of the girls raised their own voice.

“N-No! These other girls are lying! I'm your only girlfriend, and the only innocence that you stole was mine!”

“There's no way a person such as yourself would go around and chase other women unfaithfully. The only woman that you have embraced is me, your fiancée.”

“Don't worry, Oppa. I'm the one who took your virginity. I didn't hand it over to anyone else.”

Amidst their denials, the girls started glaring at one another to keep each other in check.

In an atmosphere where it felt like sparks would fly from the clash of their glances, the trembling boy sitting in his seat suddenly stood up.

“Don't joke with me...!”

Clenching his fists, the boy shouted.

“There's... There's...!”

Each with an expression of their own, the girls stared at the boy.

One with a frightened expression, the other with a composed expression, and the last with a puzzled expression.

“There is no way that I would've had a romantic relationship with a girl.”

He was right.

The three girls here knew that very well, too.

Normally, this boy wasn't someone who would do things such as going out with a girl. Of all the people the girls knew, there wasn't a single man who was as distanced from the idea of romantic relationships as this boy.

He had a task he must do, and there was no way that he'd do anything that would impede that task, such as dating.  The girls were well-aware of that fact.

That was why the girls understood precisely how unbelievable the “memories” that they told him were until now.

“Because I... I...”

Even while staring at the boy in front of their eyes, the girls continuously kept each other in check.

Each of the three girls were claiming that they had an intimate relationship with this boy. As long as the three of them were there, there was no way that any one of them would back off even one single step.

They couldn't afford to lose this boy.

“I must study...!”

Ahn Kyeong-hyun.

Bigyeong High School, Second Year Class 6, Attendance Number 3.

He was ranked number one in school on the first year's second semester's finals that were held last year.

Of course, before that he was ranked number one on the second semester's midterms and the first semester's midterms and finals as well. Even in middle school, he was ranked number one in school.

Officially approved by others as the swot of swots, he's a man whose greatest reward in life is obtaining high marks on tests.

When someone asked him, “Don’t you want to get a girlfriend?” He's the one who responded, “I don't need one because she'll distract me from studying” with a disdainful look on his face.

But now, sitting before him are his three girlfriends.

The first girl is his classmate. A “school girlfriend” who claims that they are a “school couple”.

The second girl is his junior at his part-time job. A “workplace girlfriend” who claims that she is his “fiancée”.

The third girl is his little sister. A “familial girlfriend” who claims that she is “not related to him by blood”.

Now begins the war of love between his three girlfriends, where surrender is not an option.

TN: "Glasses" in Korean is "“ahn kyeong (안경)", which is part of the main character's full name "Ahn Kyeong-hyun". In this case,  I guess it's his nickname.


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  12. Interesting Prologue!
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