Wednesday, 29 January 2014

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Well, I'm still having no luck finding those unsearchable C&D notices on Chilling Effects. Their search tool is as useless as a Magikarp. Seriously, it does not work at all. I'm sick of waiting, so here are the links to the chapters for now. If this post gets taken down, you can thank the Blogger Team for their vigilance. Hey Blogger Team, just to let you know, your suggested method of searching for C&D notices doesn't FUCKING work. So why don't you please send follow-up emails with the actual links ffs?

C&D Notice #1 (Four Lovers Vol. 1)
Reason: Hosting the color illustrations without permission.
C&D Notice #2 (Clotaku Club Vol. 1)
Reason: Hosting the color illustrations and text content without permission.

Chapter links below.

Four Lovers v01

Prologue. Cubic Equation
1. Girlfriend
Side. Classmate
2. Lunch Time
Side. Junior
3. Dinner Time
Side. Sister
4. Bath Time
Side. Boy
5. Sweet Days
6. Tempest
7. Bitter End
Epilogue. Unsound Relationship


  1. Not that it's a happy topic, but here's one of them

    1. Thanks Anon, I've been looking for that. Looks like it'll take a while for the other notice to be actually searchable on Google.

      Anyhow, translation of what it says: "The URL below is hosting the colour illustrations for our company's work [Korean title for Four Lovers] without permission and is infringing our copyright."

    2. well it says color illastrations so if its was black and white could they still spout copyright?

    3. here's the second if you haven't seen it yet

    4. Thanks again, Anon. Pretty much the same as the previous one.

      And the answer to your question is yes, Alex. It would still fall under copyright infringement.

  2. We try to help spread the goodness of Korean LNs to the world and this is how they pay back with. I do wonder what you are thinking, D&C media.

  3. don't think to munch about it since you guys hard work has give us new breath of life so thank you very very munch!!

  4. well that sux's ..... the company doesn't even promote their work outside KR!!! and does'nt translate it on any other language..... so what about the reader who cant understand a single character on korean alphabet ....what do they do? ......of course rely on the good natured LN translators.....anyway tnx for translating dawnbringer ; ) when's the next release?...... back to the topic couldn't they just let it go and treat it like an advertisement material of their work... just saying it wouldnt affect theyre sale very much because thier target is only inside KR.

  5. They're more butthurt about the color illustration rather than the actual translation and that's really really funny to me.

    You can literally google search for all the color illustration and this is what they bitch about.

    1. This was exactly what I was thinking. Why didn't they hit the other websites that have the color illustrations out. It makes no sense. I believe they did this because it is foreign website to them and they don't want any foreigners seeing what any novels they have. Yet people of their own native country they don't want to target.

    2. The C&Ds are so half-assed in general. Not only do they seem to care just about the illustrations for 4lovers, they didn't even bother taking any action against the other Seed Novel books on here.

    3. Well, our colour illustrations are certainly of higher quality than what's currently available on the Internet. But yes, it make's no sense for them to only target us.


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